Adriatic Paradise – The Coast Which Has It All

Posted on Aug 24 2014 - 9:53pm by Romeo Demes

Have you ever visited a place so magical and other worldly that it robbed you of your breath every time you rounded a bend and took in a new sight? No, I am not talking of a fairy tale wonderland but the irrepressibly beautiful Mediterranean country of Croatia with its long and undulating Adriatic Sea coastline speckled by a thousand islands of all shapes and sizes. If there ever was a sailing paradise anywhere on the world, then this coast wins that designation hands down.

Adriatic Sea

What Makes Croatia’s Adriatic Coast so Special for Sailing?

There is no one reason why sailing off the coast of Croatia comes at the very top of the list of many adventure and thrill seekers. It has the sights, the history, clear blue waters and its central location in Europe makes travel easy and convenient for travelers from all around the world. In short, the following is a running summary of the major reasons why sailing around this enchanting coast should be at the top of your holiday plans.

1. Dalmatian Island Hopping

If Croatia had nothing else to offer the discerning visitor other than its embarrassingly rich collection of islands, it would still command worldwide respect as one of top travel destinations on the globe. Sailing from one end of what is more popularly known as the Dalmatian coastline to the other you will be treated to an unbelievable cornucopia of islands, some of them large and densely populated, others teeming with untamed verdant vegetation and yet others dry and rocky, bereft of all forms of life. The one common denominator is that they are all beautiful to behold with the surrounding azure waters making them stand out in their majesty.

island hopping

The most popular of Croatia’s islands are Brac, Korcula, Hvar, Mljet and Vis. Each of them has its own unique flavors which draw visitors by the droves every year. Sailing from one to the other, popularly known as Dalmatian Island Hopping, is an enduring passion for adventurers who never tire of exploring the region year after year. Almost every one of these islands is ringed by beautiful sandy or pebble beaches. While the major islands are interlinked by a regular ferry service, the bet way to explore the region is aboard a chartered boat. You can charter your own boat from the myriad boat charter agencies in Croatia’s cities such as Dubrovnik or Split.

2. Tour Croatia’s Magical Cities

The historical and cultural heritage of Croatia is quite unprecedented in terms of scale and variety too. Indeed, Croatia has more UNESCO protected cultural heritage sites than such established and ancient European nations as Germany, Italy or France. The most significant of these are walled cities pristinely preserved since their heyday back in the middle ages. If you want a trip back to antiquity and travel back wholly amazed, just book the next flight to Croatia and you are in for one hell of a ride.

magical cities

3. Savor the Tastiest Mediterranean Fare fresh From the Sea and Vineyard

Croatia has an enduring seafood culinary culture as intriguing as the best of Greek Islands or the Mediterranean coast of Italy. The best of seafood dishes are tempered with even more delightful influences from Croatia’s interior offering everything from game meat, vegetables and dairy products as well.

delicious cuisine

If you are passionate about sailing and adventure in general, you will love the great experience of touring Croatia, a country located conveniently at the meeting points of Central Europe, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. With its unequaled landscapes, scintillating culture and a historical heritage quite unmatched by any other destination in Europe, there is every reason to go on tour to Croatia if you have never been there and also to make a return visit if you have tasted its delights in the past.

Romeo Demes

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