6 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Posted on Jun 30 2015 - 12:48am by Romeo Demes

Hong Kong is Asia’s paradise for shoppers. If you love traveling, there is a compelling list of reasons why you must include this erstwhile British colony in your itinerary. What tourists would remember about Hong Kong is its sprawling skyline and its perfect harbor. Communication is not a problem when you are in Hong Kong as English is spoken by its locals. You will see signboards and signage in bilingual so that you will not go missing while shopping and doing business in this dynamic island.

Here are six reasons to visit Hong Kong:

1. Shopper’s Haven

hong kong shopping

Hong Kong is known for its myriads of shopping malls, bazaars, and street markets that offer numerous products from branded fashion items, expensive gadgets, and affordable products. If you are shopping on a limited budget, make sure to drop by at the Temple Street, where you can buy inexpensive products such as shoes, bags, clothes, watches, goodies and electronic devices. At Yau Ma Tei, you can have a palm and a card reading session with any of the local fortune tellers. The Ladies’ Market provides shopping option for cash-strapped travelers as they can shop for bargained items.

2. Nightlife

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Enjoy nightlife in Hong Kong by visiting their pubs, discotheques and bars. You can watch Chinese opera and live performances at Yau Ma Tei. Completing your day is a cruise ride along the coast of Victoria Harbor, and see the Symphony of Lights and cityscape in Hong Kong.

3. Savor Chinese Cuisine

Hong Kong is not only called a shopper’s paradise, but it is also known by its other moniker as Asia’s culinary capital. Travelers will truly enjoy their holiday as they can savor the taste of Asian and international cuisines in various restaurants. Authentic Chinese dishes such as dim sum, noodles, dumplings and wontons should not be missed out.

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4. Perfect Destination for Tours

Hong Kong offers a perfect getaway for honeymooners, and an ideal venue for business conferences, and family tours. The vibrant city is home to various eco-systems, theme parks, museums, temples and shopping malls that are worth your money. Families will enjoy their three-day vacation in Hong Kong by visiting the Disneyland and have fun with thrill ride and see the huge aquarium at the Ocean Park, then ride the tram that will take them to the Victoria Peak.

5. Cultural and Tourism Activities

hong kong culture

Hong Kong is rich in cultural history and Chinese in Hong Kong live in their tradition by holding annual festivities. Enjoy watching the dragon and lion dances during the Chinese New Year. Fireworks display and colorful parades are performed to mark several occasions such as Dragon Boat Festival, Chung Yeung Festival, and the Winter Solstice Festival

6. Hong Kong`s Famous Massage Spas

hong kong massage spa

Your next stop while in Hong Kong is a famous massage spa to relieve you from stress after shopping and sightseeing. You can opt for half an hour of massage treatment for a fee of HK$200 and a fee of HK$200 plus for a luxurious massage that will take more than an hour. Top choices of spa include the Oriental Spa, Four Seasons Spa, Mandarin Spa, Plateau Spa, Peninsula Spa, and I-Spa, MiraSpa, Chuan Spa, Ritz Carlton Spa, Bliss Spa, Melo Spa, Victoria Spa, Quan Spa and OM Spa.

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