Dalmatia – The Mediterranean Paradise

Posted on Jul 8 2015 - 6:47pm by Romeo Demes

You’ve probably been gearing up for a visit to Europe and perhaps wondering what exotic destination to visit on your cruise. Well, the Dalmatian region in Croatia is a second-to-none target destination. Dalmatia’s popularity is exhibited by the large number of cruise liners and charter fleets that visit the region, especially during the peak tourist season that spans July to August. It also attests to the value that a visit to the region offers to tourists.

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An ideal starting point on your cruise to Dalmatia is Split. Locals christen Split as Dalmatia’s capital. A look at the exciting attractions on offer in Split will quickly point out why it is so popular. A visit to Diocletian’s Palace will unearth Croatia’s historical past, a cultural heritage enlisted by UNESCO. Other historical gems like The Old City Centre comprise of architectural masterpieces that are worth visiting.

Ideally, the numerous magnificent structures in most of Dalmatia, especially its northern part each have a story to tell. For instance, Vodice in North Dalmatia remains one of the most popular cruise destinations in Croatia, accounting for numerous tourist visits yearly. In fact Vodice has previously been awarded the “Tourist Flower” an award offered to cities or places that are the most attractive to tourists. This is a testament to Dalmatia’s standout experiences.

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Hvar is Dalmatian island that makes for a unique offer. Hvar is arguably the longest Island in Croatia, featuring an expansive coastline that is very beautiful. The clear beaches are a great prospect for an evening walk or some sun-bathing. Talking of the sun, the Mediterranean climate in beautiful Hvar, and most of the Dalmatian region provides an inviting appeal to many tourists. You can also enjoy a nature walk in the unspoiled parks that make up Hvar, where you can sample the scented olives in the calming atmosphere. In fact, a visit to Hvar would be incomplete without a trip to the world-renowned Devil’s Islands. This collection of islands surrounded by narrow bays and shallow water offers a warm and tranquil experience. Even if you are merely coming into Hvar for a day’s visit on your cruise trip, the secluded beaches offer great and varying spots for your family to nest.

Anyone (young and old) visiting Dalmatia will find something exciting in the area. Kids can enjoy an amusing semi-submarine ride where they can view the rich coral life existing underwater without getting their feet wet. Adults can take a boat offshore and engage in various relaxing activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. For those who would rather stay on land, a visit to the many historical sites in Dalmatia is an eye-opening opportunity to learn about Croatia’s history. You can also have chat with the locals who are always eager to engage visitors. You will be amazed by the friendliness of Croatia’s people, and their pride in the resort cities that are always teeming with life.

A cruise to Dalmatia would be incomplete without sampling the food. The choice of high quality cuisine is very expansive and so is the variety. You can expect to come across Italian delicacies, Greek fare as well as most of the Eastern European favorites you can think of. In fact, visitors are often spoilt for choice in terms of expertly prepared food that whets everyone’s appetite. As such, you can enjoy a sundowner with your friends in many of the resorts available in the Dalmatian region while downing these great treats. The staffers in the resorts are also very hospitable, making every guest feel at home and thereby enjoy their experience.

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The expansive coastlines, numerous beautiful Mediterranean islands, historical sites, loads of fun-filled activities, and great cuisine make Dalmatia a top pick for any tourist intending to cruise around the Adriatic Sea. Visit Dalmatia and learn more about these unique sites and the exciting prospects available.

Romeo Demes

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