Top 5 Mediterranean Destinations You Can’t Afford to Miss

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From clear blue waters to the neon of the attractive beaches, the Mediterranean coastline pulses with irrepressible energy. Whether you’re looking to explore the plush of the overwhelmingly rugged scenery, the immeasurable potent of beach life or the boat tour scene; you are guaranteed of an all-inclusive indulgence.


Mediterranean Sea

Splendor meets majesty in this expansive coastline of historical and cultural significance. An exploration of the coast will have you wandering through splendid beaches, five-star restaurants, elegant lounge bars, and awe-inspiring ambiances. But while the Mediterranean coast is known the world over for its charm and beauty, these five spots have taken it to a whole new height.

Sibenik, Croatia

A Croatian gem. It’s no wonder they call Sibenik the pearl of the Mediterranean coastline. Impeccably positioned in a beautiful shore, Sibenik is a sun-kissed city that appeals to legions of tourist annually. This spot coalesces most of Croatia’s stunning features including its iconic 16th-century cathedral, numerous old churches, and two ancient fortresses. Some places you can visit include the UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral of St. James, the brilliant Count’s Place, the hoary Town Hall and the Dalmatian Ethno Village.


View at sea and nearby islands from Sibenik

Today, this city houses all the most important religious edifices as well as historical buildings in the country. For all its magnificence, it is one place that is worth visiting.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Beside Sibenik, no trip to Croatia is complete without a trip to the city of Dubrovnik. Dazzling with immense beauty, Dubrovnik makes for a paradise destination on this remarkable stretch of the Adriatic coastline. The city is saturated with noteworthy historical sites, stunning architecture, stone streets, quaint alleys and beautiful seaside dens – everything you would want in a coastal city. There is a lot to do and see – from exploring the well-preserved buildings, sailing in the ocean to exploring the numerous fountains and museums.


Dubrovnik city walls and old town core

Dubrovnik is among the most applauded resorts in the Mediterranean Coastline and is also a UNESCO world heritage. An enchanting Dubrovnik city walls tour is a great pleasure for many visitors who want to realize their dream through a personal quest.

Rimini, Italy

As the largest beach resort on the Adriatic coast, Rimini is a preferred destination for any savvy tourist. The city offers an incredible nine miles of beaches with numerous interesting sights. Its old town, roughly a 10-minute walk inland, has amazing features including Roman temples and the Tiberius Bridge. It also boasts an unequaled nightlife and a huge selection of high-class restaurants.


One of many beautiful beaches in Rimini

Rimini is a thriving tourist hub for anyone looking to experience great nature, momentous architecture, and superb cuisine.

Nice, France

Overshadowed by the applauded Riviera neighbors like Monaco, France’s fifth biggest city is often taken as a last resort for exhausted retirees. Far from the belief, Nice packs most of its competitor’s beautiful features including the Mediterranean Sea, year-round sun, and Art Deco architecture. Its deep blue waters are its dramatic backdrop. And thanks to its ever-evolving restaurant, museum, and club scene, it is a city of all budgets. Now more than ever, Nice buzzes with a diversity that surpasses its coastal rivals.


Aerial view of Nice

Very much of the Riviera’s hub, Nice has lots of high-quality restaurants serving excellent foods at pocket-friendly prices.

Alexandria, Egypt

Valued as the paradise destination for all things inclusive, Alexandria is a city that can hold on its own. It is undoubtedly the dazzling jewel of the Mediterranean, having been home to the Great Library of Alexandria and the seven wonders of the ancient world. Downtown Alexandria’s extensive waterfront lies a beautiful symbol of the city as any other monument. It is here at Corniche that you get to soak up the cosmopolitan elegance that dominated the city in the 18th century. For a first time visit, Corniche makes for a great base for exploring the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Fort Qaitbey, Montazah Palace, Kom el-Dikka and Alexandria National Museum.


Fort Qaitbey, built on site of the ancient lighthouse

Alexandria is a renowned Mediterranean destination that has crucially established itself as a winning holiday destination for enjoying nature, culture and a multitude of other activities for both families and couples.

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