Relaxing Holiday: 3 Amazing Destinations of the Far East

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Relaxing Holiday: 3 Amazing Destinations of the Far East

Exotic cities, people, and lifestyles – the Far East is a unique mixture of radically different cultures, all put together into a lively, crowded but charming melting pot. Whether you visit its large cities or rural areas untouched by the ongoing urbanization, it is one of the most astonishing areas of the globe.


Known by nicknames such as the “Island of Peace” or the “Island of the Gods”, Bali is the most popular Indonesian tourist attractions, featuring great beaches, cultural heritage, tourist resorts and scenic beauties. The best-known destinations include the town of Ubud or the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, a water temple in the island’s interior.

Amazing Destinations of the Far East

A fabulous combination of beaches and resorts in Bali

Ubud is a great place for exploring the traditional Balinese lifestyle and customs, as well as cultural and religious traditions. A calm, tranquil town, it’s a place of many galleries and museums showcasing Balinese history, and a number of colorful local festivals takes place every year.

The Pura Ulun Danu Bratan or the Temple by the Lake, (as it is located on Lake Bratan) is an ancient Shivaite temple, surrounded by beautiful nature. Visitors can enjoy exploring the temple, learning more about Balinese history, or simply enjoy the landscape and the nearby Mount Batur, a popular climbing and hiking site.

Amazing Destinations of the Far East

Pura Bratan, one of Bali’s most iconic temples


A jewel of Southeast Asia, Thailand’s tourism is developed enough to provide cozy tourist resorts, yet still wild enough for an off-the-beaten path wild adventure. Whether you explore its fine beaches in the south, or the mountain areas in the north, Thailand has plenty to offer. It’s cheap and delicious food, often sold on streets, will satisfy your craving for spicy food. Street vendors are everywhere, selling goods such as natural soaps, hand-dyed textiles, essential oils and even musical instruments.

Amazing Destinations of the Far East

A breath-taking view of Phi Phi islands

Thailand’s cities, such as Chiang Mai or Bangkok, are vibrant hives known for commerce, but the essence of Thai culture lies in its rural areas, where you can witness its rich wildlife from close range. For example, the Phi Phi islands, one of the country’s most popular resort areas, are a place where you can meet face to face with animals such as elephants or monkeys; especially on fun spots such as Monkey Beach or Maya Bay, offering a plethora of tourist entertainment facilities.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a multicultural metropolis, a city so vast that it’s a clashing point of different cultures, lifestyles and religions. A business center of Asia, airlines – who use it as a connection point – made it a popular stopover duty-free destination. It’s also a major health resort, offering a variety of treatments such as acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology and various massages. Although it features some of the most impressive buildings in the world – such as the 118-storey International Commerce Center or the Central Plaza – there are plenty of parks, green spaces, and quiet areas to escape the crowded streets.

Amazing Destinations of the Far East

Hong Kong sunset cityscape

The best way to witness its amazing skyline is to head to Victoria Peak, a mountain in the western half of Hong Kong Island. One of the city’s most famous attractions, visitors can enjoy the cityscape looking through telescopes. Large shopping centers such as the Peak Tower and the Peak Galleria are also located there.

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