Bliss Surfer Hotel Bali, a Perfect Choice for Surfer Travelers

Posted on May 23 2017 - 10:37pm by Shem MD

Are you looking for a great place designed uniquely for surfer? Bliss Surfer Hotel, Legian, Bali by Avilla Group is a great choice for you. It is an ideal place to stay with family and friends. Bali is not simply about beautiful destinations and great cultural attractions, but also about hospitalities and extraordinary staying experience. Bliss Surfer Hotel is an ideal place, where you can prepare your mind, energy, and everything you need for unforgettable surfing experience.

Why Staying In Bliss Surfer Hotel Bali?

My experience staying at Bliss Surfer Hotel may inspire you if you are setting a plan to spend a nice weekend in Bali Island. My first staying experience encourages me to plan another vacation. I have many things to tell you.

A Surfing Theme hotel

Few hotels are designed specially for a certain hobby. Bliss Surfer Hotel, Legian, Bali, is one of them. It offers the excitement of beach vacation even before you get to the beach. The hotel is designed in surfing theme. As you enter the hotel environment, you will be amazed by the surfing-themed views. The transparent windows at the second level are furnished with hanging surfing boards, while the hotel entrance is designed in wave theme.

Getting into the hotel, you will feel like the surfing experience is real. The hotel interior is furnished with surfing-themed decors, such as a line of surfing board. The guest room is designed with colorful and bright interiors. You can see nice photographs of surfers that ride the waves. The interior designs will surely make you impatient to enjoy the real surfing experience.

Complete Facilities

I visited Legian, Bali, with my friends. We stayed in a guest room, which feels so airy in cozy and modern designs. There is a room for everyone. It provided us with a stronger family bonding as we can enjoy the time in a casual gateway. However, if you plan to visit with family or with spouse, there will certainly be rooms for you too. There are 111 rooms and suites to choose.

We felt so excited staying in the hotel. Complete facilities are available, such as air conditioning, cable television channels, iPod dock, coffee and tea maker, as well 24-hour room service. One of my mate loves cold drinks, and he was happy, as a mini-refrigerator is available in the room. I particularly love the view from the private terrace. It is a great place, where I could enjoy a cup of hot tea take nice pictures of Legian.

Great Dishes

Another thing that I love from Bliss Surfer Hotel is the foods. We love delicious foods at Bombora restaurant, which serves various kinds of foods, including seafood. I do not really like beer, but if you do, you can warm up your day with some cold beers. I prefer Indonesian dishes, which were processed from the freshest seafood. For those who love international dishes, many choices are available. I myself particularly loves the multi-tiered sandwiches.

Close Proximity to the Beach

Bliss Surfer Hotel is strategically located in Legian, Bali. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, it took us only 15 minutes to get to the hotel. We needed another 15 minutes to get to Kuta Beach. Legian is not as crowded as Kuta Beach is, but not as quiet as Seminyak is. Surfers generally choose Legian since its location is in close proximity to the beach. So we did. From the hotel, we walked along a paved pedestrian path, where bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are in line.

The most popular spot along Legian beach is located on Jalan Padma. It is a popular spot for playing in the sand and getting some cold beers. Yes, some vendors sell beers under umbrellas, so you can easily get it. I recommend a hair braiding service offered by a local lady, if you come with your wife. I rented a surfboard from the nearest rental service. Yes, you can easily get surfboards or boogie boards for rent here.

Easy Access to Other Destinations

Surfing was our main targets when visiting Bali. However, visiting Bali is not complete if you only enjoy a single attraction. We proved that. I wanted to visit the popular Kuta Beach, as was a novice surfer. Kuta Beach is more friendly with newbie surfer. We were fortunate as we stayed in the right hotel. Kuta Beach is only 3 kilometers away from Bliss Surfer Hotel.  After only 15-minute ride, we got to Kuta Beach and enjoy another day surfing there.

Besides Kuta Beach, Bliss Surfer Hotel is also in close proximity to other popular destinations in Bali. They include Balangan Beach and Echo Beach, which are around 12 and 13 kilometers, respectively, away from Legian. As we still had enough time, I with one of my friends went to Tanjung Benoa Water Sport that is located only 7 kilometers from Legian. There, we had a 15-minute session of jet ski. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana that is only 5 kilometers from the hotel. I plan to set a visit to GWK for my next trip.

International Hospitality

Bliss Surfer Hotel offers high-grade hospitality, which every visitor wants. I think that staff was awesome, as they are very friendly. We felt comfortable since the hotel environment is family friendly. We enjoyed amazing food and services.

Bliss Surfer Hotel offers extra services on demand. I did not use such services since I had only a short weekend. You can have special events here, such as surprise event, meeting and gathering, hot dog party, romantic dinner, ngelawar, or even bike rentals for those who want to explore the exotic Balinese villages.

You will surely not feel regretful by staying at Bliss Surfer Hotel. You will find an amazingly comfortable environment, where the surfing experience feels so real. Everything is designed to provide you with the feeling as if you are exploring another side of the surfing wave. I hope that I will have a long weekend in the coming months, and I will set another stay at Bliss Surfer Hotel, Legian, Bali.


Bliss Surfer Hotel

Jl. Sriwijaya No.88, Legian, Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 767222
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