The Beauty of Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago

Posted on Feb 13 2015 - 10:30pm by Shem MD

Bintan is the biggest island in Riau Archipelago. It is located in the mouth of Malaka strain and one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia that becomes the most favorite tourist destination object. The tropical climate in Bintan Island makes the perfection of the island. It also has many beaches that become the tourist destination objects located in the strategic places and exotic climate. Beside the beautiful natural view of Bintan Island, it is also well known of the culture of Melayu.

The culture, tradition and the beautiful scenery become the tourist’s attraction in this Riau Archipelago. All of them give the best experience when visiting the Bintan Island.

Bintan Island

Bintan Island

Tourist Destination Objects in Bintan Island

Bintan Island offers many interesting tourists destinations, which you can choose, such as Bintan Resort. It is the main destination for many tourists, who come from all over the world, as it offers beautiful scenery of the natural beaches with white sand. When you visit Bintan resort, you can do many things there, such as having the following things.

Culinary tour

When you visit Bintan Island, particularly Bintan resort, you can try so many traditional foods available there. The most popular traditional food here is seafood. You will find so many seafood restaurants in Riau Archipelago, where you can enjoy fresh seafood in the restaurants, which face the sea while you enjoy the sunset there. It must be the best experience ever that you will not miss.

Bintan Food Parlour

Bintan Food Parlour

There are so many foods, which become the most favorite options for people from Bintan Island. They include crab, fish and the special one is “Gong – gong” or pearl snail (Strombus Canarium) that can only be found in Bintan Archipelago. When you visit the Island, you can enjoy this meal while enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Bintan resort offers many five stars hotel with the best services and amenities, including the world class golf course that is designed by well-known international architect. You can enjoy playing golf with your friends or families there. It also offers many beaches and spas, where you can relax and escape from the routine. When you love to learn the culture, you can also visit some cultural heritage sites there.

Enjoying beauty of the sea is another activity to do. You can go diving or snorkeling; they give you the view of wonder under the sea. There are still so many activities, which you can do there, such as fishing, parasailing, and banana boating, windsurfing, etc.

City tour

Enjoying the city with the car that you can rent is the best idea to see the beautiful scenery of Bintan Island. City tour can also make you feel happy. You can rent the car or bus with a tour guide that can explain you about the tourist destinations that you and your group are going to visit.

Those are things, which you can do and see to spend your holiday in Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago. You can go there with a ferry ship or plane. When you visit there with the plane, you can go down in the Hang Nadim airport, Batam and then you continue your journey to Bintan Island with ferry.

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