11 TV & Film Coffee Shops You Can Visit For Real [Infographic]

Posted on Aug 6 2016 - 1:07pm by Marilyn Vinch

Wherever you travel around the world, no matter how far or how exotic, from time to time you need to check back in with the basics: a cup of coffee, some WiFi, perhaps even a slice of pie. This needn’t be a mundane moment in your otherwise thrilling trip, however, as many of the most desirable cities are host to iconic coffee shops that you’ll recognize from perhaps your favourite TV shows and movies. These quiet moments when you catch your breath in the middle of an adventurous day can form at least a classic Instagram moment – and at best, a memorable pilgrimage to the regular haunt of your big screen heroes.

Paris, for example, is home to Café des 2 Moulins, Amélie’s workplace in the movie that bears her name, and one of the loveliest and most iconic of all cafés from the big screen and beyond. So desirable is this destination, the owners had to change the chairs outside the café when fans kept repeatedly stealing them. Of course, another perk to coffee here is the French cuisine: you’ll want to grab something sweet to go with it, just to stay in character.

You’ll likewise find quality among the reflected glamour at Regency Café in Pimlico, London. Early Daniel Craig vehicle ‘Layer Cake’ may not be the most memorable of mockney crime capers, but you can at least be assured that Regency boasts the title of London’s 5th best restaurant. Its authentic décor will complete the London experience, so be sure to head to South West London when you’re in need of a British cuppa.

Whether it’s big movie moments you crave, or the reassuring regularity of your favourite TV show’s regular coffee shop, there’s a place for you. Check out this new infographic for a rundown of some of the most famous screen coffee shops and where to find them.



Infographic by: https://www.darwinescapes.co.uk/2016/07/11-film-tv-coffee-shops-can-visit-real/


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