Reaching New Heights: Visit the Burj Khalifa While Vacationing in Dubai

Posted on Feb 27 2018 - 5:01pm by Shem MD

Burj Khalifa, also known as the tallest building in the world, offers magnificent views and an almost endless array of activities to partake in. Being 2,722 feet tall, the tower is a must-see for those who are planning to stop in Dubai during their travels. Here are some of its highlights:

The observation deck

Whether you prefer to stand indoors and observe the scenery through transparent glass or marvel at it from an open-air terrace, the deserts and the oceans below will reside in your memory for all eternity. Should a particular long-distance object pique your interest, you can take a closer look at it through one of the telescopes available (yes, Burj Khalifa a well-equipped observatory). The scenery is quite a sight to behold when the night settles in.

The history of Dubai

Visit floor 124 and watch a multimedia presentation of Dubai’s history and the unique circumstances of its creation. While you’re there, why not pick up a souvenir to remind you of your travels?

The Burj Khalifa park

Blooming gardens, water fountains, and palm-lined walkways is what you’re going to encounter by setting foot on the grounds of the Burj Khalifa park. One of its most amazing features is the fact that the water fountains placed therein are watered by the condensation from the tower’s cooling system. At any time you’d like to engage in a more physically-draining activity instead of taking a peaceful walk in the park, be sure not to miss one of the two tennis courts located there.

The Dubai Mall

Belonging to the Burj Khalifa complex, it houses more 1200 shops for you to explore, including the Galeries Lafayette department store, Fashion Island, an organic food marketplace, jewellery retailers, and many more. Can you manage to visit them all within a single day? If not, don’t stress it; many 5-star hotels like the Dubai Marriott Harbour Hotel are not too far from there, so you can treat yourself to a good night’s sleep at any time you feel like your feet won’t carry you any longer. But no matter what you do, be sure not to miss out on the Dubai Aquarium located in the very center of the mall, showcasing the world’s finest underwater animal species.

The Dubai Ice Rink

This portion of the Dubai Mall deserves its own section due to how extensive it is. In fact, it can take in more than 2,000 people at the same time. All you need to do is borrow a pair of ice skates, and you’re ready to join in on the action. Depending on your preferences, you can partake in educational, public, and disco sessions. Everyone is welcome to give it a shot, the young and the elderly included. After an action-packed round of ice skating, feel free to take a well-deserved break at one of the cafes nearby.


Burj Khalifa offers so many things to do it’s hard to decide what to focus on. But if you can stomach great heights and aren’t afraid to try something new, it can be an amazing destination for you and your family. Are you brave enough to stand atop the world’s tallest building and view the world from a completely different angle?

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