More Than Sydney: 5 Reasons to Visit New South Wales

Posted on May 19 2018 - 1:41am by Olivia Williams Jones

Nobody will blame you if the very mention of New South Wales conjures up the images of Sydney’s captivating cityscape. It’s easy to be enraptured by this bustling metropolis and a global hub that represents all the promise of Western civilization. However, this is also truly unfair to the rest of the country that has its fair share of wonders. If you are interested to see more than Sydney, here are 5 reasons to visit New South Wales.

Road trips are a delight

If you are excited about road trips as a vacationing format, then you’ll fall in love with New South Wales if you decide to hit the road trip from Sydney to Canberra, the capital of the entire continent. It is practically a short drive – only three hours – but it will give you a good idea of what this corner of the Land Down Under has to offer when it comes to natural beauties.

If you were to pick a particular route, go down the Illawarra Highway so you’ll get a chance to cut through the Southern Highlands. The idyllic suburban townscapes (Bowral is a special highlight) and the staggeringly diverse flora that surrounds them will surely alter your opinion of Australian landscapes forever.

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Canberra is incredible

The capital of Australia technically belongs to the Australian Capital Territory, but this federal district is a small patch of land surrounded with New South Wales. It is more of an administrative matter than anything else. The reason you have to visit this city while you are darting about New South Wales is not only because it is a capital of Australia but also due to its unique layout. The city on Lake Burley Griffin is conceived from ground up as an expansive architectural marvel that echoes the spectacular appearances of monumental cities from the age of antiquity. This modern rendering of a perfect city will leave you gasping with wonder.

The beaches are captivating

The coastline of New South Wales is known for its impeccable preserved beauties and spectacular sights. Due to the high quality of air, mild climate and a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors, it has become the focal region for establishment and proliferation of numerous luxury retirement resorts. Most of such resorts are situated near the beachfront that is practically a treasure trove of idyllic surprises and concealed tropical lagoons.

Of course, some of the most renowned beaches of New South Wales are in Sydney, but as you travel across the countryside, give the other ones a chance. Hyams Beach is the station for aquatic activities such as snorkeling and Byron Bay is a wonderful hub of an impressive array of activities for all generations. It is a hippy commune of outdoor festivals, a spa center, and a beachside escapade.

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The Blue Mountains are wondrous

After you’ve visited a few towns and beaches, your road-tripping activities around New South Wales are far from over. If you are a fan of mountain slopes and hiking, head to the Blue Mountains the first chance you get. As soon as its endless ranges enter your view, you’ll realize how this region earned its name – the blue haze of eucalyptus trees devours the horizon that stretches on into forever.

This is indeed a World Heritage Area that serves as a cobweb of forking paths into some truly amazing national parks. Make sure you bring all the necessary hiking equipment to explore this wilderness. If you are within your financial means to rent truly rustic yet luxurious accommodation (the type has become really popular in the region), you can spend as much time as you want to explore the greenery of New South Wales.

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Vineyards are decadent

Australia is renowned around the world for its high-quality wines (as well as its rivalry in this field with New Zealand). New South Wales is an especially potent region for the cultivation of grapes due to the decidedly Mediterranean “demeanor” of the climate. If you are an avid connoisseur of decadent wines and delicious gourmet food, New South Wales will not disappoint. Visit the famous Hunter Valley for an exciting tour of wine cellars that will only leave you thirsty for more!

New South Wales is a staggeringly diverse region of spectacular coastlines, bucolic valleys and epic mountain ranges. Sydney is arguably the crown jewel of this proud state, but its other “ornaments” are well worth your attention. If you get a chance to explore its countless regions, you are bound to be surprised and delighted around every corner. Travelling across New South Wales is an experience you’ll hardly forget till the end of your days.

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