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Posted on Nov 21 2014 - 10:38pm by Kate Flannery

We are great and we are many, from all the lands on Earth we come. Aren’t you lucky to be an Australia. Living in one of the most prosperous countries, with some of the most laid back people on the planet. That’s not actually surprising considering you live in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Surrounded by oceans, you can surf away your problems any time of day. But what about other recreational sports? You might also enjoy sailing perhaps. And luckily for you, there are so many beautiful places where you can sail of to for a bit of rest and relaxation. The land of Lord of the Rings might be a bit to far off, but there are many other places much closer you can visit.


Aussies as known in the world for their curiosity and bold exploration of the world. If you are an adventurous soul yourself, you might feel tempted to go and seek what the world has to give you. If that is the case, consider also going around the continent a bit… Sailing around the block has become somewhat of a popular thing, but if you decide on doing this, be careful- Australian waters can be very dangerous. If you opt for it, make sure you have a boat that was built well, proper training and a license, and some experience as another man’s crew member, before sailing your own boat.

Fraser Islands
In the foot of Queensland lay the biggest sand island in the world, a World Heritage site since 1992. This popular destination is the home of rain forests, eucalyptus woodland, wallum peat and swamps, but also plants, a small number of mammal species, birds, reptiles and a population of about 200 people. It was named after Eliza Fraser, a hero from many shipwreck survivor stories, and today, it is a very popular tourist destination.

Whitsunday Islands
The Whitsundays is a group of more than 150 islands and islets surrounded by brilliant turquoise-colored waters off the sub-tropical central coast.  With the cloudless skies, azure seas, this place has become a prime holiday hotspot for visitors around the globe. Much of this half-drowned mountain range belongs to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, one of the seven wonders of the natural world, and a general bucket list topper. Don’t be surprised at the sight of coral gardens, colorful fish and chipper sea-turtles- it’s all something that you will find in postcard-scenic paradise. Just cruise around on your boat and the advantage of the freedom you have, go diving, snorkeling, star fish hunting, etc.

Magnetic Islands
This short adventure will take you about 20 minutes off the coast of Townsville. Enjoy the relaxed tropical lifestyle, quite nature, and beautiful untouched beaches. This would be a perfect short trip for releasing your artistic side. Get inspired by the colorful and lively wildlife, there is nothing quite like it.

Finally, at the foot of Australia, it will take a bit more than a sailing novice to get to this infamous island, the home of the Tasmanian devil. With around 45% of the country lying in reserves, natural parks, etc, it is no wonder why they call Tasmania “A World Apart”. This trip might be a bit of a longer one, seeing as though this island has so much to offer, but then again, it surely won’t be time wasted.

Kate Flannery

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