Can You Consider a Boot Camp as Vacation?

Posted on Jun 10 2016 - 8:21pm by Kate Flannery

Having enough time and patience to organize regular physical exercise is quite complicated today. An average employed family person can hardly manage to handle even some more important things, like family and work, let alone physical exercise. However, since a sedentary lifestyle can put your health at risk, it is essential to introduce regular physical routine to your life. Opting for a fitness boot camp for your next vacation can be a smart move, but first have a look at some pros and cons of such a training routine.

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Coping with harsh discipline

Boot camps have gained a bad reputation, mostly due to some military methods that trainers use there. Those instructors are often former soldiers or army trainers and their way of work can be pretty detached from our everyday reality. If you know that you cannot become a self-discipline person all of a sudden but you want to build your body, you could find yourself in a boost camp.

On the other hand, if you cannot stand people shouting at you in any situation whatsoever, it is better for you to skip this exercise program.


Getting ready for work challenges

Getting up at dawn to run in the hills and do dozens of pushups does not sound like a dream-come-true holiday. Modern people have got accustomed to a certain pattern of living, so it is impossible for them to get up so early only to do some physical exercise. However, according to research, your work productivity can be significantly improved if you start attending training sessions. For instance, if you attend a boot camp for a few weeks and get back to work, you will surprised to see that your productivity has increased.

Boo(s)ting mental strength

Every type of physical exercise increases the power of will and improves your overall mental condition. However, spending some time with a group of people in the wilderness, doing hard exercises, while the instructor is treating you like army recruits is something completely different. It is a harsh fight between your body and brain on one side and your will and the instructor on the other one.

You can expect nausea, vomiting, cold sweat during the first few days, since these camps are extremely intensive. After that, each and every muscle you have will burn. This initial period can be perceived as a cold turkey phase, where you will be healing your neglected body from the unhealthy life you lead. However, when you surpass all the obstacles and finish this camp, your mental strength will be much higher than before the camp.


Refreshing your body

By putting your body back to normal shape, you return it to its natural basics. Still, your habits from the non-camp world can cause serious issues for your immune system and health in general. This is why you have to make an additional effort to keep your body as healthy as possible. The most practical and safest way to recover it after every training day is to use fitness supplements. They contain vitamins and other features that should give your body some additional power and durability.

Even if you are skeptical about spending a vacation in a boot camp, you should give it a try. If you give up, you will know that you have tried. On the other side, you might even end up going to such camps several times a year.

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