Off the Beaten Path: Australia’s Best-Kept Secret Destinations

Posted on Jun 12 2018 - 7:15pm by Olivia Williams Jones

After you’ve seen the “headliners” of the Land Down Under, it is hard not to feel overwhelmed. Only after you finish the long rite of passage of seeing all the most iconic location Australia has to offer do you face the absolutely gargantuan land that brims with countless choices. It is nigh-impossible to run out of places to visit here, and nearly every nook and cranny has something intriguing to offer. This is when the true adventurist starts going off the beaten path, intent on uncovering Australia’s best-kept secret destinations.

Wave Rock

Uluru is by far the most famous rock formation in this part of the world, but it is not the only captivating one. In fact, it is not the Land Down Under’s only such supersized rock. If you want to gawk at the incredible geological formation, go and visit Wave Rock near Hyden. Even though it is more obscure than Uluru, it is not that hard to reach – it is only an hour drive away from Perth. Wave Rock looks exactly as its name suggests. It is a 15-meter-tall formation that looks like a petrified tsunami that stretches for 110 meters across the countryside. This outcrop of granite is a very unique geological phenomenon that needs to be seen in order to be believed.

Lake Bumbunga

Do you want to see a landscape that is truly out of this world? Lake Bumbunga is renowned for the absolutely fantastical pink hue of its waters. This salty lake is actually a completely natural phenomenon that can be found about two hours away from Adelaide via car. In fact, the lake has served as a legitimate salt extraction source, an activity that commenced as far back as 1881. Due to the rainwater influx, it has managed to survive as a truly incredible slice of natural wonder and it’s probably one of the most amazing places for a photo session you’ll ever find in your lifetime.

Camp at Glenworth Valley

If you are in the mood for a casual escapade among the bucolic landscapes of New South Wales, visit the beloved Glenworth Valley. Located about 65 kilometers away from Sydney, you can find this region fairly quickly. Best way to get there is to fly directly to Sydney and take a car as Central Coast is less than two hours away. Consult a reliable mobile mechanic from Sydney to check the integrity of the vehicle because the terrain can get a bit challenging once you get off the beaten path.

Still, you’ll get a chance to enjoy a camping weekend away from the cacophonous sounds of the city. The riverfront is truly tranquil and it can easily be mistaken for an area hidden away somewhere in central France. It only goes to show how diverse and truly remarkable the Australian continent is, as it offers a patchwork of varied biomes and climate conditions.

Porcupine Gorge

Australia’s little Grand Canyon is located deep within the Queensland Outback and it goes by the name of Porcupine Gorge. If you want a desert-laden adventure off the beaten path, head to this destination that is 64 kilometers away from the last remnant of civilization – the town of Hughenden. If you own a campervan and/or proper camping equipment, it is absolutely worth the trip. It can offer you an adventure “away from the world” just like Glenworth Valley, but this is a background for those who enjoy timeless desert landscapes. Take a dip in the ancient river at the bottom of the gorge that has been carving its path through this territory for eons.

Umpherston Sinkhole

Do you want to feel like Alice in Wonderland? Umpherston Sinkhole is a truly enchanting side-show for those of you who have dared venture on a road trip along the Great Ocean Road. A long time ago, it was a cave that formed from the dissolving limestone and once the roof of the cave collapsed, this impressively big sinkhole formed. However, the interesting part comes in later – as the floor turned out to offer opportune soil condition for the development of plant life, you can now visit the most beautiful, magical garden that is arranged on its floor and which was originally “sculpted” by James Umpherston back in the 1860s. The garden is still diligently kept today and it looks like a remarkable slice of Lewis Carroll’s world.


Even after you’ve visited some of the more obscure Australian destinations, you still haven’t even scratched the surface of what this continent has to offer. This is why traveling across the Land Down Under is such an exciting prospect. It is not only about picturesque locations and bustling cities. Most of the destinations you choose will also have an immensely colorful history behind it, as well as a plethora of activities to offer for the always thirsty adventurists. Australia is a playground for the ultimate escapade – a vast land that will easily engulf you with its captivating charms and make you yearn for a quick return whenever it is possible.

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