How to learn Spanish in 10 days [Infographic]

Posted on Apr 8 2015 - 11:07pm by Adam Meaden

Knowing the native language for where you’re planning to travel to is always a bonus and will definitely make you stand out from all the other tourists but what happens if you’ve left it a bit too late and say, only have a few days to quickly prepare?

Well, thankfully, our friends at Thomas Cook have come up with some fantastic quick tips to learning a language quickly. They’ve focused on how to quickly learn Spanish but their tips can be applied to any language you need the heads-up on!

How To Learn Spanish in 10 Days

(How To Learn Spanish in 10 Days [Infographic] by the team at Thomas Cook)

Have you got any other quick-fix suggestions for anyone trying to learn the basics of a language with only a few days left before their big flight? Share in the comments below.

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