Best Things to do in Abu dhabi

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Are you an avid explorer? The UAE capital definitely has a lot for you to explore! A more than perfect destination to catch winter sun, Abu Dhabi stuns you with tall leaning towers, giant slides, and solar cities. Although Abu Dhabi garners much lesser attention compared to Dubai that’s popular as a rich and flashy city. However, Abu Dhabi is much richer and more happening city that has been grown consistently over the years without disturbing the original heritage and culture. Abu Dhabi, with its contribution of golden beaches, traditional souks, desert safaris, gold shops, water parks, international hotels, and much more to the UAE; is no wonder one of the great holiday destinations across the globe.

Here’s the list of some of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi!

  1. Stay on the sands

Abu Dhabi sands

Staying on the sands is one of the fantasies of some people; and I must say, it’s worth it! Staying at a five star hotel on a beach can be compared with nothing else. Reach the beach for a leisure walk or simply have a dip in your private pool; your beach stay allows you to experience all this. There are a number of restaurants serving great food to satisfy your holiday food cravings.

  1. The Must-see Desert Blooms

Al ain

Greenery in desert? Yes, an hour or two from the bustling city is the crest of about 100 feet sand dune. And it’s a must visit destination in Abu Dhabi. Al Ain named this pristine place the Garden City. It’s easy to get here because 4×4 tours are often available. You can also visit a permanent exhibition at the Al Jahili Fort.

  1. Ramble on the Prom with Your Loved Ones

Corniche Road Abu Dhabi

The Corniche Road is one of the best places in Abu Dhabi, in fact in the UAE. It’s a four-mile long promenade forming a complete curve on the Western side of Abu Dhabi. Filled with a lot of spots to stop by, the promenade offers you several things to enjoy including park areas, fountains, and cycle paths. Stroll in entire prom or simply hire a bike to drive along it, in case you need to speed up things. The Capital Gate Building, amazingly leaning to 18 degrees, is especially remarkable. Moreover, the Flag of Emirates that’s as huge as a bus’s size definitely catches eye on a 360 feet pole.

  1. Get Adventurous on the Island of Adventure

Ferrari World

Got to experience a little adrenaline rush? This Island of Adventure can drive lots of it! Yas Island is located at a few minutes from the airport and is known as the hottest adventure destination across Abu Dhabi. There are several rides which can actually turn your knuckles white! It also features Water World and Ferrari World. You can also view Abu Dhabi’s Formula One Track here at Yas Island.

  1. Keep Extra Time to Appreciate the Art of Surprise

Zayed National Museum Saadiyat Island

Abu Dhabi, being the proud cultural district on the Saadiyat Island, has a marvelous surprise for art lovers. If you really wish to take a glance at the world’s greatest art pieces, then it’s no more a difficult task once you’re in the city centre. Just a ten minutes ride from the city centre and you reach the incredible hub of art. We bet you’ll spend hours here.

  1. Do Pay a Visit the Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

For a truly exhilarating experience, a visit to the Grand Mosque is must. Being the third biggest mosque across the globe, it has around 82 domes and approximately 1, 048 columns in the central courtyard. This mosque is a structure worth Dh 2.5 billion and is the resting place of Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founding President of the UAE.

  1. Take a Peek into the Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi Heritage Village

Abu Dhabi has a glorious past. And who would miss a chance to take a quick peek into the history? The Emirates Heritage Club runs this heritage site that’s situated along the beautiful breakwaters and recreates the desert life through museums, stalls, photography exhibitions, camels, crafts, spice shops, and Bedouin tents.

  1. Spend a Day at the Carpet Souk in Mina

Carpet Souk in Mina

The Afghan Carpet Souk is a must visit place even if you don’t have any plans to buy an oriental carpet. You can have a look at those typical Majlis style sofas and prayer rugs in hundreds of shops. A vegetable market and fish market are near from the old market on the Mina Road.

  1. Go Kayaking in Abu Dhabi Mangroves

Mangrove Kayak

Yes, you can also plan a short kayaking tour when in Abu Dhabi. The spectacular mangroves will introduce you a unique marine eco-system while you’re on the kayaking adventure. Take a glance at breathtaking mangrove scenery and have fun on this adventurous tour.

  1. Try Your Hand at Carving Dhows at Al Bateen Shipyard

Carving Dhows at Al Bateen Shipyard

If some free time allows, just take a few minutes’ walk or drive from the Corniche and visit the traditional heritage gem in Abu Dhabi. You can watch skilled craftsmen making beautiful traditional wooden dhows and even try your skills with their hand tools. Lots of souvenir shops sell pretty miniature shows.

  1. Visit the Future City

Masdar City

The astonishing attraction in Abu Dhabi – the city of future is located in Masdar City. It focuses on promoting zero-carbon development and does not allow vehicles in its zone. You’ll get surprised to know that this village is entirely powered by solar energy and wind energy. Narrow alleys featuring a number of buildings mimic typical Arabian streets.

  1. Appreciate the Emirates Palace

Emirate Palace

The Emirates Palace is a five-star hotel sure to stun you with its 100 hectares of lush gardens and lawns. This architectural marvel is sandy golden colored and features around 1002 crystal chandeliers, hundreds of domes, and jaw-dropping interior designed with gold leaves, pearl, and original marble.

Apart from all these attractions, you can also visit the Qasr Al Hosn Fort to see the oldest built building in Abu Dhabi, and check out an Emirati short film or an art flick (European) at The Space. It’s free of cost.

So when are you planning your Abu Dhabi tour?

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