10 of the Best Vacation Destinations for Couples

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Are you thinking of a Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or birthday gift for your sweetheart? A romantic getaway is the best thing she or he can cherish forever. To make it simple for you, we have selected 10 of the best vacation destinations for couples that will reignite the flame of love as well as add zing to your life.


Paris, France

Paris is not just the capital of fashion. It is also a city of love where romance comes naturally to everyone. No wonder French kiss is so famous in the world. The City of Lights will illuminate your life with love and romance. It has many romantic locations where walking with your loved one hand-in-hand is the best experience of life. A stroll on the bridge alongside the Seine river is best to find the romantic person in you. With the sun sinking, the amphitheater on the bank of the river turns into a dance floor where couples, both seasoned and new dancers, dance like they care least about the world. Join the crowd with your date if you want to tango, or sit on the steps and watch the dancing couples. Sneak away from the crowd to the Temple of Love located on an island surrounded by a lake in the city’s largest public park and take a vow once again to hold your lover’s hand for a lifetime no matter what the life brings in. Mix adventure and romance by visiting the secret Waterfalls to witness a large and natural cavity underground.



This City of Islands is the best romantic getaway for honeymooners and couples. Even celebrities make a beeline to this city as and when they get time. The high-end luxurious resorts, over-water bungalows, residences in the center of the lagoon, and villas engulfed with trees and plantations are a secluded paradise to enjoy in privacy. Pamper yourself and your special one by renting a bungalow the access to which is by walking on the boardwalk constructed on the sea. The bungalows also have a plunge pool and a sunbathing deck that offers a heavenly view of the ocean. The pristine beaches of Maldives are idyllic to walk by throwing your hand around the shoulder of your lover and getting romantic. If you want to enjoy your meal underwater, then there is a restaurant at Conrad Hilton that is 5 meters below the sea level. Besides gourmet food, indulge in the diving expedition and exploring marine life under the surface of the sea. Overall, Maldives is the perfect couples’ retreat to give a new twist to your relationships.


Quebec City

Exhilarate your special one by visiting the Old Quebec city. It is a Canadian city with deep influence of French culture and a heritage site. It holds a strong history of over 400 years and lots of old-world charm. The streets in the city are paved with cobblestone, and the buildings are constructed in a European architectural style. Despite following age-old customs, the city also meets modern-day travelers’ needs. Enjoy a meal with your date in a revolving restaurant on the roof top of the Le Concorde hotel. If keeping low and simple is your definition of romance, then enjoy a drink of wine at any restaurant by the road. A ride on a ferry is best to enjoy the historic city and the amazing Fairmont Le Château.  Exploring this walled city is like enjoying a beautiful picture of a renowned painter.



Greece is an adobe of the God of love, Eros. This sacred landscape has infused the true meaning and importance of love in humankind and has inspired several painters, artists, and geniuses for centuries. If you are seeking a romantic escape, this is the best place to adore and celebrate your love. The God of love has blessed Greece with beautiful islands and beaches making it a perfect destination for couples. There are even secluded islands for couples to unleash their wild feelings. The fortified towns in the city are the best peeking into the  past. Exploring the sun-kissed beaches, cruising the island in a yacht, tasting exquisite local and international dishes, and enjoying the beauty of the city are the best romantic activities.



Italy is the best vacation destination for couples looking to add spark to their love life. It is a historic city flooding with numerous romantic sites attracting lovers from the world over. One among the top cities to flare up romance is Venice. It is an old port city with winding canals, amazing bridges, charming century-old buildings, restaurants, and cafes serving exquisite drinks and meals. Take you other half’s for a ride on the gondola and cruise the Venice canal while feasting on the beauty alongside. Spending an evening at the picturesque St. Mark’s Square is the best retreat you can have. Besides Venice, visit the seaside villages, beautiful lakes, and islands for cherishing memories.



Couples do not get tired raving about Mexico. It is a vibrant and colorful city that exudes edgy and laidback vibes. Though it ranks high in population and crime rate, it is still a fun place to be. With its mix culture of an indigenous tribe and Mesoamerican, party here is always a fun. It has lots of exotic locations to explore for couples from jungles to mountains, caves, beaches, reefs, and museums. On one side, it has a thriving urban population and on the other ruins of ancient civilizations. You will enjoy a beautiful amalgamation of style, culture, and chaotic celebration in the city. Even its surroundings will entice and overwhelm you with impressive archeological sites.


Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is one of the five Hawaiian islands nicknamed  “The Garden Island.” Its beauty is unparalleled that inspires sweet memories. The exquisite beaches with beautiful alpine at the backdrop is the perfect stage to enjoy the company of each other. It is dotted with impressive cascading waterfalls and a staggering number of 60 beaches that are good for strolling, snorkeling, and a wide range of water sports. Besides beaches, the island is idyllic for hiking. Walking on the Kalalau Trail while sipping the nature’s beauty with the special person, and igniting romance at the Grove Farm Homestead Museum surrounded by a dense sugar plantation are always charming as ever.



Give a new look to romance and your relationship by visiting Georgia, a city where every speck is drooling with energy, and age seems to a standstill. This city is a group of islands with exotic mountains, beaches, and skyline. It is a land of world’s largest aquarium, tallest cascading waterfall, Little Grand Canyon, a spooky cemetery, driftwood beach, and a wildlife refuge.  You can take your lover to a romantic dinner, enjoy a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in a countryside lodge by a campfire, pamper your sweetheart with a trip to a spa, camp at any one of the Georgia State Park amidst nature, reconnect in a romantic manner with a ride in a buggy reminiscing over the bygone era in Savannah, and rejoice in the serenity of the classic era in Thomasville.


Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is a leading romantic destination in Europe that draws couples with its gorgeous beaches, remote mountains, and fascinating hill towns. It is a perfect beach holiday destination to enjoy the sun, sand, and a drink named sangria that is prepared by mixing red wine, fruit, and fruit juice. The island is famous for night parties and exotic resorts that cover the most of the coastline. This place is good to see ancient castles and ruins, monasteries and cathedrals, galleries, museums, and ravishing gardens. Lovebirds come here to enjoy hiking its rugged mountains, cruising through the inviting  coves, cycling in the countryside trails, and bathing in the beauty majestic historical buildings.



Whenever a city that is blazing with opulence is reckoned of, Dubai immediately strikes to the mind. For it has become synonymous with sumptuous living and affluence. If you want to express an abundance of love to your beloved and make her or him  drool over you again, Dubai is one of the finest places on earth. This gem of the Arabian cities is excellent to seduce your lover and for a gratifying romantic break. It has the most pleasurable and indulgent resorts in the world. The kind of luxury, comfort, and attention Dubai offers to couples are unequaled.

You can celebrate your love in many ways from splurging on finest dresses, genuine gold, expensive drinks, aerial journeys for a panoramic view of the city, and lots more. The city has the largest shopping malls in the world, unique street markets called ‘souks,’ finest restaurants, and several tour companies for your service. There are many activities for couples to participate in this city. You can enjoy a romantic beach escape, desert safari, sand boarding, dune bashing, watersports, hot-air ballooning, scuba diving, dhow cruise, and lots more.


These are the selected few 10 of the best vacation destinations where you can enjoy life your sweetheart and fill your life with romance.

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