Best Places to Visit in Hong Kong – How to Experience this City to the Maximum

Posted on Jan 3 2018 - 5:55pm by Alex Dragas

Best places to visit in Hong Kong – How to experience this city to the maximum

It will take you more than one trip to explore all the best places in Hong Kong to the maximum. From temple visits, early morning hikes, unique dining experiences, shopping raids to theme park rides, overnight partying and racing track betting, Hong Kong has many amazing attractions for everyone and is suitable for all seasons. Its cultural diversity and rich history make this destination special, unique and endlessly fascinating. Here are some of the best places to visit in Hong Kong as well as things to see and do but remember that this is just a tip of the iceberg of one of the world’s most visited cities.

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1. The Star Ferry

The Star Ferry in Hong Kong can only be compared to the Eiffel Tower of Paris and is an absolute must while you are in this city. This vessel transports guests between Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula providing them with a spectacular view of the city. The famous skyline of Hong Kong offers amazing photo opportunities, especially during the night.

2. The Street Markets

While on a tour of this great city, make sure to explore the diverse street markets that cater to different clienteles offering different kinds of merchandise. The Ladies’ Market, for example, specializes in different kinds of women’s clothing as well as accessories and is located in Mong Kok along Tung Choi street. The Temple Street Night Market is a nocturnal marketplace that is a favorite among visitors. With brightly lit stalls and a flurry of activity, you can find anything from culinary accessories, local food, electronics to clothing including opera singers and fortune tellers.

The Stanley Market is another place of note on Hong Kong Island’s Southern Coast. This marketplace occupies an old fishing village and is home to colorful souvenirs, jewellery as well as home decor. Visitors do not shy away from bargaining prices as low vendors are always willing to drop prices especially when you are about to walk away.

3. The Victoria Peak

Also known as The Peak, this tourist attraction site offers breathtaking views where visitors can experience Hong Kong’s blue waterways and skyscrapers. Victoria Peak is located atop Hong Kong Island’s highest point providing a spectacular scenic view of the Island.

4. The Ocean Park

This place provides an amazing natural scenery on the coastline with a diverse zoo where you can find plenty of dolphins and pandas. There is also an aquarium with rays and sharks as well as incredible carnival games and electrifying roller coasters. This is a good place to take your family for an underground funicular including a cable-car ride.

5. The Happy Valley Racecourse

Thousands of Hong Kong residents flock the Happy Valley Racecourse stands every Wednesday between September and July to watch the city’s only legal form of gambling. Horse racing gives happy valley an electric atmosphere and while many residents come here to bet, others simply visit this institution to watch the sparkling city skyline after the sun goes down.

6. The Nan Lian Garden

This is the perfect place to rest your feet and relax after a long day. Situated in Kowloon, this expansive garden is a public park with well-manicured trees, peaceful pathways, gurgling springs and lotus ponds as well as beautiful Chinese timber architecture.

After a long day of touring, there are several Hong Kong massage centers that can be accessed easily from several places in this city. You can get a pure massage including a traditional massage for total relaxation.

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