Around The World In 21 Craft Gins [Infographic]

Posted on Oct 28 2016 - 2:16pm by James Brockbank

Around The World In 21 Craft Gins

In the global scheme of things, there seems to be a constant stream of new food and drink trends which tend to go from relative obscurity to gaining international popularity in no time at all.

Let’s begin with the world of food. If you entered almost any restaurant five or ten years ago (especially outside of the United States and ordered pulled pork, you’d end up leaving hungry and empty handed.

However, now you literally can’t avoid it. This really interesting article from The Guardian delves into the growth of pulled pork and suggests its rise in popularity is to do with the “modernisation of barbecue foods in the US around 2008-10.”

It’s not just the world of food which has undergone a number of taste bud tantalizing revolutions in recent years either.

The world of drinks (and in particular alcoholic ones) has also seen a number of recent trends, one great example being craft beer.

Craft Beer Revolution

Craft beer, which also can be traced back to the United States, is defined as beer which is made traditionally by a small brewery and has spread into a global phenomenon.

Initially, the popularity of American craft beer led to it being exported outside of the country.

While this is still the case, countries from every corner of the globe are creating their own, which is only broadening the industry.

Take a look at this post from, which provides some staggering statistics about the industry such as the fact that in 2015 the industry posted a double-figure growth for the eighth year in a row.

Craft Gins Infographic

Another drink which is going through somewhat of a global revolution is gin.

Gin has never been one of the more vibrant, classy or exciting spirits on the market,but thanks to the craft gins revolution, perceptions are changing.

Take a look at this great infographic from titled ‘Around The World In 21 Craft Gins’ which showcases some of the most exciting and flavorsome craft gins taking the world by storm.

craft gins

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