Martell: the Old Heritage of French Cognac

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Any spirit lovers will not pass a chance to try a glass of cognac, the signature French brandy. Made in the city of Cognac from specific type of tart grapes with unique distillery mechanism, French cognac provides wide variations of flavors depend on the brands, creating rich drinking and tasting experience for every connoisseur.

Martell is one of the oldest and most famous brands of cognac France has even been proud of. Starting from a simple cognac house run by family, Martell is now one of the most recognizable cognac brands with wide range of signature flavors.

Martell History: from Small Distillery to Big Brand
Martell was started way back in 1715, when a young merchant named James Martell came from Jersey, Normandy to Charente bank in Les Borderies, and started a cognac distillery (cognac house). Martell made his cognac from Ugni Blanc grapes, local grapes that were very rare and exclusive even until now, with oak barrels to store the wine.

Thanks to his option, Martell cognac is now famous for several unique characteristics: strong flavor, strong aroma, and hints of spices and candied fruits on each sip.

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Martell cognac distillery – Travelfore

Martell cognac distillery was one of the oldest, and after his death, his wife and children continued the business. They kept the tradition and original ingredients and techniques used to make the signature cognac, even as far as being able to import their products to England in 1814. However, Martell international fame was only achieved in 1831, when the house produced Very Special Old Pale cognac, which was distributed to England, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.

From there, Martell continued to achieve fame and success. The famous Cordon Bleu brand was created in 1912, attracting even more international fame. Martell products have been served on Queen Mary and Concorde in the early 20th century, at luxury houses and establishments in French through Comite Colbert, and even became sponsor for restoration project of Queen’s antechamber in Versailles Palace.

Products of Martell
Here are several famous Martell drinks:

  • Trois Etoiles/Martell VS, the first drink created by Martell, was a type of drink usually turned to cocktail.
  • Martell VSOP, the second brand that helped Martell achieved international fame.
  • Martell Noblique, the third brand that has more sophisticated flavor and aroma.
  • Martell Cordon Bleu, one of the most famous brands, famous with its unique hint of gingerbread and candied fruits.
  • Martell XO, which is mostly known from its unique, arch shaped bottle.
  • Martell Chanteloup, which is a strong cognac made of Chanteloup eaux-de-vie that has been aged for several years.
  • Martell Grand Extra, which is made of grapes from Grande Champagne and Les Borderies.
  • Martell Cohiba, which is famous for its distinct floral aroma.
  • L’Or de Jean Martell, which is exclusive cognac made of eaux-de-vie that has been aged for 100-400 years.

Jean Martell might start small with his distillery, but thanks to his unending dedication to create the best drink from unique and rare Ucni Blanc grapes as well as innovation, Martell has made France proud with their cognac.

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