Heber Valley, Utah: Experience the Dazzling Outdoor Adventure

Posted on May 25 2016 - 9:49pm by Musa

Heber valley is the most amazing and beautiful gem of Utah that houses 3 state parks, golf courses, Swiss theme town, fishing and a lot more to do and enjoy. It is indeed the perfect destination for adventure travelers as well as families and friends. I too got to know all this through my neighbor who when returned from the valley convinced me and my family to visit the place soon. We experienced the best of outdoor activities in Heber Valley like biking, fishing, hiking, golfing, snow skiing, water skiing, ATV-ing and a lot more.

Some facts you may not have known before

We were surprised to know that the valley is also called as Utah’s Switzerland due to its rugged beauty. We visited the Provo River on the very first day of our trip. Truly, as believed to be, there are about 45,000 fish per mile of the river and the blue ribbon fishery is famous for its high-quality fish as well as mind boggling surroundings. Our kids enjoyed there a lot and we decided to spend a whole day at the River to enjoy its mesmerizing beauty and surroundings.

Provo River Fishing

Activities for all

The whole area provides amazing outdoor activities for recreation so that everyone can have a gala time. We got this information beforehand from our travel manager and so we tried our hands at water sports, skiing, and fly fishing.

Deer Creek Reservoir by Holly Mair

Prime location, easy access

Situated just 50 minutes from the very popular Salt Lake City and hardly 15 minutes from Park City Home, cool temperature and mind blowing scenery are the watchwords that describe Heber Valley. We completely enjoyed our stay and even experienced golf at a popular golf course that was well maintained and has eye-catching backdrops.


Activities for all seasons

As we visited the valley during peak summers, we enjoyed hiking, biking, boating and exploring the pristine forests of the area. The neighbour that told us about this place visited there in winters and at that time, the activities that are open to experience are ice skating, ice fishing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing etc. As we did not have much time in winters, we decided to visit it in summers. Surely we would visit again some year in the cold to enjoy all the activities of that season.


It can be truly said that Heber Valley is the ultimate gateway to some of the best snowmobile areas of Utah including Mirror Lake, Strawberry, and Mill Hollow.

As compelled by my wife and kids, we visited the Daniels Creek as well that is like the popular fishing stream situated just east of the valley in Daniels Canyon. What was great is that the stream had easy access and we enjoyed fishing all day long there.


Last but not least, some of the best activities of Utah surely lie within boundaries of this Heber Valley. We crossed a lot of dirt as well as paved roads from the valley through forested canyons, alpine meadows, overlooking the meandering streams and rocky ridges and experienced ultimate views. And just don’t forget to take your camera as you will be all busy in capturing spectacular views of the scenic views around. Being an avid photographer, I was engrossed completely in clicking a picture here and there, adding to my collection of beautiful landscapes and nature.

Mt Timp by Mark Anderson

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and head to Heber Valley with your friends, family or colleagues and you will surely have a great time enjoying in the lap of nature, doing the extraordinary and most enjoyable recreational activities just like we experienced.

For more information go visit www.gohebervalley.com.

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