How Is Living In London Different from New York?

Posted on May 28 2016 - 10:20pm by Krishna

How is living in London different from New York?

There is no denying that both London and New York are the busiest, notorious, vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, packed with people across the globe and from every walk of life. Both the cities are a true combination of unparalleled entertainment, top class attractions and incomparable opportunities, so the comparison is quite obvious due to their competition for global supremacy.

Comparison of cost of living in London and New York

cost of living

Though living in London and New York are pretty high up in the cost of living stakes, they have expensive as well as cheaper areas.

When it comes to comparison between the costs of daily consumables, it has been concluded that food and daily shopping is more expensive in New York especially toilet paper.

While entertainment prices are slightly higher in New York, the property is a lot more expensive in London on the other hand.

Unlike London, tourist spots are quite expensive in New York; there are some great events and museums in London that are free of cost. In New York, tipping is considered as a standard etiquette which undoubtedly does add up, that is not to say this is not followed in London but the value of the tip is far less than that in New York and is generally in the restaurant sector only.

Accommodation options in the cities

accommodation options

Seeking good lodging options in the cities is not a hard task but finding budget friendly accommodation with modern comforts is slightly tough. If you are planning a trip to any of the cities, book a serviced apartment in London rather than looking out for hotels. The apartments are available in various prominent neighbourhoods of the cities and provide modern  comforts with ample space, freedom and privacy at pocket-friendly rates.

Both cities provide high-quality accommodation options to suit all kinds of corporate as well as leisure travellers.

How about transportation?

One cannot deny the thing that there is a good transport system in both cities ranging from city bicycles and taxis to a fine Uber setup. Underground and Subway are the major method of transportation in the cities. The number of passengers in New York’s subway is 1.65 billion per year whereas London’s subway has 1.2 billion passengers per year. London has 11 lines while New York has 26. There are 270 stations in London and 468 subway. New York’s subway is found confusing by a few tourists due to its multiple lines on single colour routes.

Let’s talk about crowd

There is a restricted access to the busy stations of London during peak times but due to their extended length, New York subway stations don’t get much crowded. London has very good coverage of the underground system while New York’s subway is slightly erratic.

Which city has got more greenery?

No comparison can take place between the cities in terms of greenery. Both have got a lot of green spaces but in slightly different ways. There are a plenty of green spaces in London as compared to New York but the largest park of New York “Central Park” is vast at 3.41sqkm while London’s largest park “Hyde Park” is vast at 1.42sqkm.

Must-visit tourist attractions in New York – Central Park, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Ground Zero and Statue of Liberty

Must-visit tourist attractions in London – Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, The Shard, St Pauls and Tower Bridge


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