How to spend great moments in Belgrade

Posted on Dec 28 2015 - 6:39pm by Goky Brkic

The capital of Serbia is becoming a major hit among European tourists. It’s a city with hundreds of years of history, impressive architecture, and, as a focal point of life in Serbia, has an impressive art and nightlife scene. It’s interesting to see how the cultural spheres of the West and the East clash in Belgrade, making the city a unique amalgam of both. In Belgrade, there’s plenty to enjoy.

Belgrade fortress and Victor monument at night

Belgrade fortress and Victor monument at sunset

Find a festival you like and visit it

There are over a hundred festivals held in Belgrade in an average year! The theme? Whatever you like – music, fashion, food & drink, art, theater, film. The most popular festivals are the Belgrade Summer Festival and the Beer Festival: the latter is one of the largest festivals in the region, with half a million visitors each year. It lasts five days, there is no entry fee, and visitors can enjoy various kinds of beer, concerts of many domestic and foreign stars.


Beautiful hostesses at Belgrade Beer Festival

Explore the Temple of St. Sava

One of the symbols of the city is located near its center; it’s actually hard to miss, seeing its more than 70 meters tall. Built out of white marble, the Temple can fit in more than ten thousand people. It’s one of the largest orthodox churches in the world, looming over the city with its massive, 12 meters tall white granite dome. Considered by many to be the most impressive building in Serbia, it’s a monument to Serbian culture, history, and religion which has shaped the local way of life for centuries.


Temple of St. Sava at Vracar plateau

Shop at Dorcol

Care for some shopping? Dorcol is the part of the city where all the brand and trendy stores of Belgrade are located, and some of the finest restaurants as well. Take a walk through its streets, enjoy your shopping, and perhaps grab some lunch afterward.

Visit the Savamala

One of the oldest parts of Belgrade is located on the right bank of the Sava. What’s so special about it? It’s the heart of Belgrade contemporary and alternative art scene, and there are a few cool night clubs as well. Lots of Belgrade-based artists and designers frequent the Savamala, its cultural centers, galleries, and ateliers. Start your visit by exploring the KC Grad, an old warehouse now turned into an exciting art gallery/coffee shop/library.


Jazz concert in KC Grad

Enjoy the street art

There are graffiti or various installations on every corner. The local contemporary art scene has a great reputation throughout Europe, the main reason for it being the awesome Savamala.


Street art in Savamala

Experience the Belgrade nightlife

Belgrade has become one of Europe’s most prestigious clubbing destinations, as its nightlife scene is pretty unique: most of the clubs are actually located on large boats or rafts on the Danube and Sava rivers. Playing a wide variety of music – from obscure techno subgenres to the popular local pop folk music, these rafts attract thousands every night, especially in the summer when the weather is nice. A usual night out in Belgrade means you’ll hop through a couple of clubs and feel the vibe of the Belgrade youth. And trust us, you’ll be back for more.


One of raft clubs on Sava river

A city like Belgrade has dozens of hotels, so finding a suitable accommodation should not be a problem. Although the tourist influx is high during the entire year, you should have no problem with booking your room. Of course, there are plenty of low-cost hostels as well, and you can even check out a few couch-surfing websites and try your luck that way: the people of Belgrade are very friendly and lots of them, especially the younger population, will gladly accept you.

With such a diverse and rich offer, plenty of landmarks and entertainment options, and great locals, Belgrade is truly the hottest European destination in 2016.

Goky Brkic

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