Going from Tourist to Expat in Australia

Posted on Jan 9 2016 - 2:36pm by Kate Flannery

To really feel what is the life like at some place, you need to stay a bit longer than those two weeks of vacation. When you stay somewhere over a month or two, you start paying the bills and even looking for some part time job, you are seriously getting closer to the title of expat. If you are about to stay in Australia for this amount of time, here are some great and useful tips that you will definitely benefit from.

Going from Tourist to Expat in Australia

Finding Suitable Accommodation

If your stay is about to be closer to two months than just two weeks, you need to make sure that you avoid hotels and even hostels. That would be too expensive for you. You need to choose cheaper options. One of the ways to do this is to register at AirBnB and benefit from longer stay discounts, or find some similar localized websites. The price is usually negotiable. Another option is house sitting, and this is the best deal you can make, if you make it – it is a bit hard to get on house-sitting waiting lists. People from Australia who also love to travel, sometimes hire people to stay at their homes. To avoid extra fees when paying, do your best to pay your rent on time and do it online if possible.

Going from Tourist to Expat in Australia

Planning Your Budget

It makes a really big difference if you are in one of the big cities or in a smaller one. Obviously, the bigger cities have higher living costs, but trying to live in a small town in Australia is quite specific. They are smaller than what you would expect from a small town in USA. Their population is measured in hundreds. Australia is very oriented toward cities and the life is more comfortable there. Therefore, if you want to be comfortable in Australia, you have to be prepared to spend from $50 to $100 on electricity, around $150 on groceries, $30 to $60 on Internet. These costs may vary significantly, but that is the rough budget.

Going from Tourist to Expat in Australia

Getting Around

You can always print out your own maps and visit famous sights on your own if you prepare well. However, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are well covered on Travelfore. Wherever you plan to go, check the Grayhound buses, but always check the flights, as well. At times, the difference in price will not be that great. Saturday afternoons and Tuesdays are the cheapest days to fly. Always use CouchSurfing or similar websites to find people to share taxi fares or simply to show you around. It will give you the best insight into the city you are visiting.


Getting Involved

The best way to understand how people think and how things work at a new place is to try and participate in the community events. History walks and classes, dance lessons, meditation sessions and many more can be found for free. Visiting free courses can help a lot with getting involved in everyday life of your city without spending money.

The last but not the least – drinking in Australia will cost you a fortune. You should focus on getting to know this country’s people and sights without enjoying local wine and beer too much. There is no cheap way of doing this.

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