Best Things to Do in Sydney for Active Travelers

Posted on May 13 2021 - 8:55pm by Nina Simons

You’re an avid traveller who can’t wait to visit Sydney and explore everything this city has to offer? Look no further because we’re here to help you out! Here are the five best things to do in Sydney if you’re an avid traveller, so keep on reading and take notes!

Go kayaking both in Sydney and out of it

As Sydney is surrounded by water, kayaking is a fantastic way to explore this city at its finest. This is particularly true if you want to explore Sydney from the water – but without getting wet. If that’s the case with you, skip surfing and swimming and rent a kayak instead. This is a unique way to explore Sydney Harbour and the exciting ocean. Of course, just be sure not to go all by yourself, so opt for a guided kayaking tour. There are numerous tours that’ll take you in front of the Sydney Opera House and under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. On the other hand, there are kayaking tours out of Sydney as well. Kangaroo Creek in the Royal National Park and Lane Cove River in the Lane Cove National Park are just some of them, so give them a try and you won’t regret it! 

Sydney kayak

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Speaking of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is one of the most famous symbols of Sydney you simply mustn’t miss. However, if you’re an adventurer who wants to experience an adrenaline rush on their trip, you shouldn’t stop at seeing this bridge from the ground. That’s right – you should climb it! This will make your entire trip a lifetime experience, so don’t skip it and you’ll see what we were talking about! Of course, there are several different types of climbs. So, make sure to pick one according to your personal preferences and current physical abilities. For example, the ultimate climb is a fully guided tour that takes around 3.5 hours. You’ll even get a certificate of achievement once you’re done with it! On the other hand, the summit express tour takes about 2.5 hours. However, don’t worry because this tour offers a certificate of achievement as well!

Work out in some of Sydney’s best gyms

Are you an active traveller who simply can’t skip their everyday workouts? If your answer is yes, you should keep up with your routine and continue working out while on the road. Finding a great gym in Sydney CBD doesn’t have to be as challenging as you probably think. This is particularly true when you know exactly what you want according to your preferred type of workout. For example, if you prefer strength training classes designed to boost your strength and improve athletic performance, you should definitely look for a gym that offers a LIFT program. However, if you simply adore HIIT training classes based on sweating and burning fat, look out for a gym that has a SWEAT program. Or why wouldn’t you opt for a gym that offers both? It’s a great way to stay fit and in shape when in Sydney!

Sydney surf

Go surfing at some of Sydney’s finest beaches

Many people will agree that your trip to Sydney can never be complete if you haven’t surfed, and you know what? We completely agree with them! So, try not to skip this amazing water sport while in Sydney, no matter if you’re an experienced surfer or just a novice. However, you must know that some beaches are ideal for beginners, whereas other ones are perfect for professionals. Manly Beach is a great choice for novices at surfing. The best thing about it is that there is Manly Surf School that offers both private and group lessons for kids, adults, and entire families. On the other hand, Tamarama Beach is a good choice for experienced surfers only. There are no surfing schools and you can’t rent a board at this beach, so try to stay away from it if you aren’t a complete pro!

Go hiking in the Blue Mountains

Last but certainly not least, hiking in the Blue Mountains is another amazing option for all active travellers. Truth be told, the Blue Mountains are a real paradise for bushwalkers. There are hundreds of amazing hikes to choose from, and a Three Sisters Walk is one of them. It’s only 1km long, so you’ll explore its natural wonders without breaking a sweat. The Honeymoon Bridge provides access to the first of the Three Sisters. There is also a Wentworth Pass, which is a 5km long circuit walking track. This one starts and ends at the Conversation Hut. It then passes through the Valley of the Waters and takes in multiple creek crossings and small waterfalls. However, if you want to make this experience even more extreme, you should go canyoning in the Blue Mountains instead. You won’t go wrong with this activity either!

Sydney Blue Mountains

As you can tell, there are so many amazing things to do in Sydney when you’re an active traveller who is always on the go. These five undoubtedly are the best ones of them, so make them a part of your itinerary and you won’t make a mistake. Trust us when you say that you’ll enjoy exploring Sydney while staying fit and active at the same time!

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