3 Extreme Sydney Adventures You Can’t Miss

Posted on Jan 25 2016 - 8:31pm by Archie Ward

In the land down under, there is no shortage of things to do. If you’re traveling to the most populated city in this land of extremes, you may be searching for the most extreme experiences to write home about. Here’s a few of the adventure sports Sydney has to offer your starved adrenaline glands.

Shark Dive in Sydney

This Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary shark dive will take your breath away. Well, not literally, as they do provide oxygen for all divers. But when you dip your toes into the main oceanarium and you see sharks, stingrays, and turtles circling you, you’ll wish everyone could witness you frolicking in this underwater wonderland. At 30 minutes long, this dive may seem short, until you remember you’ll be surrounded by sharks with sharp teeth that might bite you if they weren’t well-fed. After contemplating that, 30 minutes sounds like more than enough time to get a shot with your favorite enormous sea creature.

Jetboat Sydney Harbour

If you haven’t heard of jetboating, imagine sitting in a boat with your closest family and friends. Now imagine a madman takes the wheel. That’s the gist, and it’s way more fun than it sounds. This boat is designed for maximum speed and maneuverability, so you’ll be getting drenched as your skilled driver makes 180 and 270-degree spins, intense fishtails, turns and powerslides at high speeds. Every now and then, you’ll get a chance to breathe and take in the beautiful sights of Sydney Harbor as well. Just hold on tight!

Canyon in the Blue Mountains

If you’re looking for a challenging abseiling experience that mashes the thrill of witnessing pristine nature and adrenaline-pumping physical activity, canyoning in the Blue Mountains is for you. You’ll adventure through the highest and deepest of the canyon as you navigate the breathtaking terrain. Trek, climb, jump, swim, and rappel your way through Australia’s most beautiful region to get a personal look at untouched caves and magnificent waterfalls. There’s two difficulties to choose from, so if you aren’t up for the challenging Rainforest Canyoning experience, the beginner-friendly Empress Canyon welcomes you.

There’s plenty to do in Harbour City, but these experiences are guaranteed to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Whether you’re an underwater adventurer, fan of extreme water-sports, or a hiker who enjoys a challenge, you’ll be happy you made it to Sydney.

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