Special Food in Bandung To Blow Your You Away

Posted on Sep 18 2014 - 2:52pm by Shem MD

Bandung City in West Java, Indonesia is a great destination for tourists to visit. The city is known as flower city because of its many flowers park alongside the road of the city. People can enjoy fresh air as well as the historical view of the city. Bandung is also known for its distro clothing. There are many shops selling fine clothing, mostly for young people. You can also buy shoes, belt, and more accessories here.

One thing you should not forget about Bandung is its unique food. Make sure you taste it when you visit Bandung because you will not find any food, the same as here.

Food in Bandung has been known for years and you can find it easily along the way. Some special food that you can find in Bandung is:

food in bandung

1.Spicy Fried Meatball
People in Bandung call it as Basreng, stands for Bakso Goreng, which means fried meatball. This is served spicy. Unlike usual meatball which has broth, this food is served alone with spice. The seller will slice the meatball and then deep fried it. Then the spice seasoning is added together. The crunchy meatball with delicious seasoning will blow you away.

2.Chocolate banana
It is a combination of chocolate and banana wrapped in a spring roll paper. Then it is fried. The combination of banana and melting chocolate will make you want it more.

3.Fried Tofu
This in not the usual fried tofu. It is cut dice, mixed with seasoned flour then fried. It is best served hot. Many young people in Bandung like it.

Colenak stands for di Cocol Enak which means delicious to thrust
This food is made of roasted tape (food from cassava) with red sauce made of grated coconut and palm sugar. This food is sweet and soft.

5.Seblak Basah
It is from sago flour which is made into crackers. Then it is fried again with seasoning and little water. The taste is delicious and chrunchy.

Cimol is like a meatball but it is made from strach flour and seasoning then it is fried. On top of it is put the spicy powder. It is so crunchy and yummy and better served hot.

Siomay is a kind of food made by steam it. It is famous not only in Bandung but also in many places in Indonesia. Some are even produced mass and exported to another country.

8.Tahu Lembang
It is a tofu made of cow milk. It is fried with the flour and the taste is delicious, soft inside and crunchy outside.

Cilok is like a meatball, made of scratch flour. Usually it is filled with egg or meat. After boil it, you can eat it with dipping it in a tomato sauce. For this food, you can find it not only in Bandung, but als in many places in Indonesia. School boys and girls love it so much.

Eating food in Bandung is always fun. The special food of the city accompanied by the fresh air and the humble of the people make eating more fun.

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