Themed Park in Indonesia To Spend Your Long Weekend Holiday

Posted on Sep 25 2014 - 9:54am by Shem MD

Holiday is something to wait for many people in Indonesia. Daily routine creates boredom of mind which needs to be refreshed. By being a working mom or working dad, there will be less family time. So, holiday is the way reunite the family and make the relation closer. When it comes to holiday, people will flood the city with cars, motorcycles and other vehicles to go to places they want. Even a traffic jam does not stop people to go to their destination. It is worth to do because long holiday does not come up often. Usually, people in Indonesia get long weekend holiday on Ied Mubarak, Christmas, and school holiday. It is always fun to have a vacation.

There are many tourism spots that you can find in Indonesia. There are beach, mountain, lake, themed park, waterfall, cave, and many more. One spot which is often visited by families is themed park. It gives one stop entertainment fun. With all the facilities included, people can have a pleasure time with their family. Besides, kids will love it so much with the theme given.

There are some famous themed park that you can visit in Indonesia for your upcoming holiday. They are:

1.Jungleland Bogor

It is said to be the biggest themed park in Indonesia. Located in Sentul City, Bogor, it covers an area of 35 ha. You can find 31 rides here for any age with their uniqueness. The location is strategic with vast parking area. It can take in 1000 cars, 3000 motorcycles, and 300 buses.
There is also a package for students, so they can get discount. For individual or group, there will be different price. So, you had better go there in group to get discount. But going individually is fine too since the price is reasonable.You can enjoy a great adventure here.

2.Dreamland Ancol

It is an amusement park located in capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. It is a great amusement park for many people in Indonesia. You can see Sea World, Atlantis Water Adventure and Marina Beach and Fantasy World. So, for you who like to play in the water, this is the perfect place. Not only that, you can buy beautiful souveneers here.
There is Art Market inside Ancol which sells paintings, handicraft, key chains and other souveneer products. You can find something antique here. Moreover, you can see the artists in their work. You can enjoy an artist who does painting, wood-carvers who makes the sculpture, and many more. For you who like a play, you can enjoy theater performance in a local dialect. Dreamland Ancol is open from Monday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

3.Bandung Trans Studio

Bandung Trans Studio is the biggest indoor themed park in Indonesia. It is located in Bandung, West Java and covers 4ha area. It has 20 exciting rides which are divided into three different zones: Studio Central Zone, The Lost City Zone, and Magic Corner Zone. Every zone has its own uniqueness. In the center of the place, you can see costume parade of characters in Hollywood. It is always fun to see.
One place that you should not miss when visiting Bandung Trans Studio is “Dunia Lain” or another world. It will give thrilling experience with many ghosts coming from the dark along the way.

There are still many more places that you can visit in Indonesia. While themed park is family best choice, you can have it for your long holiday. Choose one suits to you and your family!

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