Pekalongan Batik Week for the Real Feel of Indonesia

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Batik is very famous around the world. Since it is stated as a cultural heritage from Indonesia, batik has been promoted in many events. Many clothing items and fashion accessories now are made from batik, such as clothes, trousers, skirt, dress, some crafts, and bag. Batik provides you with ethnical look of Indonesia. Now, Batik is not only a fabric pattern worn by the Javanese royal families. Instead, it has been a national intangible asset. Various batik motives are now available in many areas in Indonesia, from Java to Bali, Sumatra, and even Borneo Island.

cultural heritage

Pekalongan Batik Week

If you are a batik lover, you can go to Pekalongan Batik Week, in which batik is displayed in an outstanding way. The objective of this event is to preserve Indonesia’s precious art of batik. Located in Pekalongan City, Central Java, the event is held at Jetayu Cultural Area and displaying various batik motives from different areas in Indonesia. This event was started on August 8th and it will finish on October 12th 2014.

The activities held in Pekalongan Batik Week included Indonesia Culinary Festival, Welcome Dinner, Nusantara Archipelago Batik Exhibition, Pekalongan Batik Carnival, Batik’s Motifs for Public Officials’ Uniforms Competition, Batik Lanterns Festival, Fashion Show, Batik on The Street Theatrical Performance, Pekalongan Great Sale, Art and Cultural Performances, National Batik Gathering, Exhibition Booths competition, and more.

You will see for about 140 booths at Jatayu Sport Center. Provincial government, cities and regencies, state owned enterprises and various private sectors participate in this event. It is a good event to visit for those who want to know the wealth of batik crafting in Indonesia or for those who are looking for the best and limited batik motives. If you like to have a business or want to run a garment store with Batik clothing and accessory items, this event can be a start to seek for a business partner.

Pekalongan Batik Week is not only about the exhibition of batik, but also culinary event. You will find delicious food the regencies around Central Java. The taste of Java will blow you away. You will taste sweet, spicy, and crunchy foods here.

How is Batik Pekalongan Different?

Pekalongan has been known as the centre of Batik. Batik pekalongan is famous for Batik Pesisir or Coastal Batik motif. It is different from Royal Batik of Solo and Yogyakarta. The Coastal Batik is mostly dominated by brown, yellow, black, and blue colors. This batik has a great chance to be explored more because it has unique features. so, what make Batik Pekalongan different? Batik Pekalongan got the influence of China and Netherland in colonial times. Even though it is more like batik Yogya or Solo batik, batik Pekalongan has more combination and variation of colors. Batik making skill has been an integral part of the community economic life in this regency.

Many people from other cities buy batik here to be sold again. You will find many accessories that go well with batik here. The shape is so unique so you can buy it as a gift to your family. Visiting a country means learning the culture. You will find many beautiful traditions in Pekalongan. Pekalongan Batik Week will give you experience that you will never forget. Get the feel of batik by going to this event in Indonesia. Your stay will be welcomed by many friendly people from Indonesia.

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