Melaka : The World Heritage Site to be Your Holiday Destination

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Melaka is a state in Malaysia. It is well-known for its historic sites. The capital of this state is Melaka City. The city center, known for its historical, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 7th 2008. This state represents one Malaysia as the culture vary. It is also known as the patriotic symbol of Malay since many Malays born here. Melaka was founded by Iskandar Shah, the last king of Singapura. He found Melaka as a good port. This state is led by a Governor (Yang di-Pertua Negeri).

melaka city

Melaka covers an area of 1,664 km2 and it is divided into three districts: Central Melaka, Alor Gajah, and Jasin. The population of Melaka in 2010 is 66.1% Muslim, , 5.7% Hindu, 24.2% Buddhist , 3.0% Christian, 0.2% Taoist, 0.6% follower of other religions, and 0.2% non-religious. As the influence of colonialism era of Dutch and the descendants of Portugese, there are many historical places showing the culture of Portugese. They are Fort of Famosa, St. Peter’s Church, St. Paul Church, and Christ Church. It is a great place to have a holiday.

When you decide to visit Melaka, do not forget to see the historical places, as well as the delicious food offered. They are:

Fort of Famosa
Fort of Famosa is a fort which was built in 1511 by the Portuguese. Famosa means famous in Portuguese. This fort has been controlled by Portugal in1511-1641, Netherlands in 1641-1795, and Britain in 1795-1807. During Dutch invasion, this fort had much damage. This fort is the oldest building in Asia. The small gate named Porta de Santiago is the only part remaining. For you who like to have a historical experience, going to this fort is a great choice.

Jonker’s Walk Night Market
Hunting food is always fun at night. The cold air and the beautiful view of the lights will make it more romantic. You can enjoy food in Jonker’s Walk Night Market in Melaka. The food will satisfy your tounge with its finest meal.

Beside the food, you can also enjoy attraction shown. When you see a kungfu movie with throwing knives and eating fire scene, you can see it also here. The slogan is “Malaysia Boleh” which means Malaysia can do, you can get all the exciting things.

Morten Village
Another attraction given in Melaka is Morten Village. It is located in the middle of historic city. People call it “a living museum” with its many historical sites which is still used by the people. It has 85 homes and 52 Melaka traditional dwellings. It is always fun to visit Morten Village with the unique houses.

Spicy Food
Melaka is famous for its spicy food. You can try to have Chicken Spicy Food, Claypot Spicy Food, and many more. The uniqueness of the food here is the red sauce which is so spice. The food is eaten together with rice, staple food of Asian. For the side dish, you can have anything you want, from seafood, eggs, or meat. Usually it is put in the spicy sauce.

For you who do not like spicy food, you can have another food for your meal. But, one in a time, tasting this food is fine. You will not regret tasting the delicious food offered here. The foodstalls and restaurants are easy to reach along the way in Melaka. Malaka is waiting for you. So, are you ready to go there?

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