Getting Around Split – The Residence of a Retired Roman Emperor

Posted on Jan 9 2015 - 12:04pm by Romeo Demes

There are a number of international flights to Split airport from around Europe. Many people come to experience the varied wonders of Split, and Croatia as a whole each year, and it is no wonder, with the many sunshine hours, mild temperatures, picturesque scenery and fascinating historic and cultural sights on offer. Split Airport is second only to Zagreb airport in Croatia and sees many people flow through it, especially in the summer, when the number of visitors increases dramatically. In summer, charter flights from around Europe swell the number of scheduled flights to the country.

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Getting to Split from Split Airport

The Airport is actually about 25 km west of the city itself, close to the town of Trogir. Fortunately, it is very easy to get to and from Split airport with taxi transfer, a popular option among tourists and there are public transport options like buses also available. Airport buses run from the terminal to Split city centre – they stop at the east end of ‘Riva’ and the fare is around 30 kn. Local buses also run from the public road just outside the airport and are a cheaper option, though you must change buses to get all the way to the historic centre and they can be a little hit and miss, so it is almost certainly not worth it for the casual tourist.

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Transportation options

A taxi from the airport to the ferry port or Diocletian’s Palace in the centre of old Split will take around 30 minutes and should cost around 270 kn, though drivers will often agree to 220 kn if you agree a price up front. Pre-booking a taxi is often a good idea as you will often get a better price doing it this way. A Split airport taxi transfer will also ensure that you are able to meet your return flight, if you are not happy to rely on public transport, or if your plane leaves in the middle of the night, when buses do not run.

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Diocletian’s palace

It is easy to get around the historic centre on foot, and this is indeed the best way to see it. Walk around the harbour area, Diocletian’s palace and the old town’s maze of streets. It is also a good move to rent a bike and use that to transport yourself up Marjan’s hill, along the Riva (waterfront of Split) and even out on the ferries onto the islands in the Adriatic if you so wish. Buses will take you from Split’s historic centre to any of the more modern outlying districts that you may wish to visit.

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Excursions from Split

Outlying attractions can easily be visited by bus or car. Be sure to take the opportunity during your stay to visit the castle villages of Kastela, and the Roman city of Salona, both of which can be reached by bus, taxi or under your own steam if you choose to hire a car. It is worth noting that if you buy your bus ticket from a kiosk rather than from the driver on the bus, then it is a little cheaper. If you are going to spend more than just a few days in Split, it is recommended to take a short bus trip to the vibrant and relaxing Vodice, where you can enjoy the famous Blue Beach and party in the evening.

So, as you can see, getting to and from Split Airport and transport in and near the city is easy and trouble free. So book your flight today, and come and explore this sublime city.

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