Vodice – Vibrant and Relaxing in Equal Measure

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Vodice is favoured by the balmy mediterranean climate experienced by all the towns and cities on the the Croatian coastline. It is a hopping tourist hotspot, surrounded by gorgeous beaches and natural wonders – no wonder then that so many, young and old, choose to visit or move permanently to this terrific town.

Whether you live for the hustle bustle of the summer season, with beaches to luxuriate on, the yacht-filled marina to meander through and taverns, cafes and clubs galore, or prefer the more sedate side of life, with cultural sites, Roman ruins, National parks and fascinating wildlife of land and sea, visit Vodice to find exactly what you are looking for.


Perfect place for sunseekers

In summer, Vodice is vibrant and fun-filled. Many fulfil their fantasy of the perfect party-hard vacation in Vodice. During the day, the beaches are filled with sun-seekers and swimmers, and the warm nights are long and filled with music. Tourists go for excellent seafood meals at Vodice’s many fine restaurants, and drink in a relaxed tavern or busy bar before adjourning to a club to dance until the wee hours in a hedonistic bacchanalia that, while wild, retains a relaxed and happy vibe.

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Nights full of music and dancing

If you are looking for excitement and adventure, then Vodice can offer it in abundance. Vodice has more to offer than sunbathing. People play on the beaches, and recreate on and under the sun-sparkled Adriatic sea. Why not play tennis or volleyball to burn off those extra holiday pounds? Swim from the beaches, or try diving beneath the blue waters to see the submarine world, teeming with life, or go fishing, sailing, jet-skiing or banana boating above the waves.

Surfing is also popular, and kayaking can be a good way to see the town from a seaward perspective. Or why not venture away from the coast a take a tour inland – bicycling is popular in this varied region. Pick up a biking map from any tourist office in Vodice and you will see the wide variety of tracks available nearby for a range of abilities and fitness levels.

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Property hotspot for retirement

If you are considering looking for a retirement property, then Vodice could be a very good choice. In the summer, you can enjoy the maelstrom of the tourist invasion and make the most of the fun in the sun, blessed beaches and vibrant lifestyle, while when the tourist season is over, you can enjoy the quieter and more relaxed side of this terrific town.

Vodice has plentiful and varied real estate on offer. Whether you are looking for a larger new build property, a stone town centre villa, or a seaside apartment, there are many exciting deals to be had. So consider Vodice when searching for property in Croatia, and come and experience vibrant and yet relaxing Vodice for yourself.

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The beaches stretch along the whole town of Vodice, and varies along its length. Some of the beaches are pebbly, some rocky, some enjoying sun-drenched terraces on which to spread your towel. One of the most popular stretches is Plava plaza, a Blue flag beach and the recipient of an international ecological award. Another popular stretch is Hangar beach. Both beaches have a range of facilities including bars, restaurants and you can easily access anything you might require as you relax and soak up the sun.

Rich history and culture

If you are a fan of history and culture then you will enjoy the attractions of the town itself – the old parish churches, 17th Century Coric Tower, and the wells on the water springs round which settlement in the area was centred. Near Vodice you can see several more pretty historic churches, and stone field cottages, for example those at Raso’s bunja. Many amazing archaeological sites are to be found near Vodice, including remarkable Roman ruins.

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From Vodice you can also visit some of the most spectacular natural sights in Croatia at the Kornati and Krka National Parks. Sail to the beautiful Kornati Islands, or experience the scenic splendour of the waterfalls and lush greenery of Krka National Park inland. Wildlife enthusiasts will also enjoy the Falcon centre in the pine forest of Dubrava.

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