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Posted on Jan 22 2015 - 11:03am by Kate Flannery

Is there anything that can top a big move to the seaside? The clear sky above you, fine white sand caressing your feet, and the open sea breaking the horizon wherever you look. Why settle for a nice lawn and a driveway, when you can have one of the world’s most beautiful beaches as your back yard. There are several location that caught our eye as worth moving to, but the choice is all yours.


One does not merely enter a conversation about Thailand without honoring its many scenic beaches. A month’s vacation in Thailand will get you a new beach to relax or party on each day. A more permanent solution will grant you an exotic but accepting culture to spend your days getting to know, and beaches and islands galore. Choosing between, say, Patong, Railey or Kata beaches, or the dazzling Maya bay is hard work, but with a little courage and enough wanderlust, you needn’t make the choice. Dropping your anchor in Thailand is a smart choice for longer periods as well as summer vacations. You could move to Thailand and enjoy a very affordable life and afford a very enjoyable climate.

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island, a patchwork of pristine beaches and sand dunes set against an interior dense with vivid rain forests. Living on Fraser Island is not an option, but it is really close to mainland Australia, and a popular weekend getaway with the locals. There are plenty of fun things to do on Fraser Island, the most popular of which are 4 wheel drive tours along the dunes. It’s basically the Dakar Rally for mortals.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

One of the first beaches that pop into mind is Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. Some of the most beautiful North Atlantic landscapes can be seen from this island, and though it doesn’t seem bright and breezy, Nantucket Island beaches have that classical feel to them, like they are the perfect place to put up a permanent beach residence (step aside, Hamptons). With its remarkable sunsets and colorful lighthouses, this is the perfect place to get cozy and whimsical, the whole year round.


Another great location of this kind is Hawaii. The many islands have to offer crystal clear and lush greenery that goes hand in hand with volcanic activity. The islands are tourist friendly, and a popular resort for Americans looking for a break away from it all, but shying away from leaving the country. The many resorts offer plenty of jobs for newcomers, as well as locals – a phenomenon explored and well-played out in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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