Ready For a Road Trip? 5 Best Luxury Cars for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Posted on Jan 17 2023 - 6:16pm by TravelFore
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Ready For a Road Trip? 5 Best Luxury Cars for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Love the outdoors but want to ride in style while you hit the road on your next adventure? With all of the luxury vehicle options on the market today outdoor enthusiasts and casual adventurers alike can enjoy sophisticated cars that make the journey just as thrilling as the destination. Gearing up for your next big trip? Don’t miss these five incredible rides.

1. Classic British Style

When you need a combination of high performance, reliability, and good looks you can’t go wrong with a Bentley for your next road trip. Known for its sophisticated taste and timeless British design elements, Bentley’s latest SUV model, the Bentayga, boasts a twin-turbo premium engine, can go from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds and is specifically designed with off-road capabilities that make it perfect for trekking through a variety of terrains, from rugged mountain roads on your next ski trip to desert trails on your trek to Monument Valley.

2. An Adventure-Ready Lexus

Lexus is already one of the most trusted names in luxury vehicles and in 2022, the Lexus LX was one of three SUVs named to Forbes’ list of best off-roading SUVs. The LX has lots of great features perfect for adventure seekers and outdoors enthusiasts who travel in groups, or family trips to more remote locations—it can seat up to seven passengers and has a third row of fold-down seats for storing gear if you have fewer passengers. Amenities like a leather interior, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto integration, and massage seats make this car fun and comfortable to drive.

3. An Elegant Mercedes

Whether you are taking in the city lights or find yourself in the jungles of the Dominican Republic, the Mercedes Benz AMG SUV does it all—382 horsepower makes for a sporty, zippy ride, while safety features like blind spot warnings and emergency brake preparation offer peace of mind so you can focus on your travel experience. The dynamic and sporty design makes this car a dream to drive on the sandy roads of a hidden beach or through some major elevation on your way to hiking and climbing.

4. The Reinvented Range Rover

Range Rovers have been popular for decades among the British elite who needed a reliable car to transverse the English countryside. Now, the Range Rover Sport is still a great choice for those who want sophisticated features, a roomy ride, and a fun, fresh design. And if you want to try an SUV that combines power and function with energy-saving capabilities, the electric Range Rover Sport may be for you. This is an awesome car for environmentally-minded and luxury lovers alike, allowing you to marry your love of the planet with your love of luxury and world-class engineering.  

5. A Powerhouse BMW

The BMW X5 brings together major horsepower with lots of travel-friendly features that make it a great road trip vehicle. Roof racks reliably hold everything from multiple sets of skis to your kayak or paddle board, and a towing capacity of up to 7,200 pounds means it can handle trailers, boats, and other equipment you want to bring along for the ride. Stylish features on the latest models include glass controls and glossy wood trim for that luxe finishing touch.

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