5 Most Beautiful Scuba Diving Destinations In Indonesia

Posted on Jul 3 2014 - 9:55pm by Miles Wiseman

What makes Indonesia one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world? This Island nation has more than 17000 islands spread throughout the country and the natural beauty of the sea and beaches can be described as truly outstanding. You can dive all year around in Indonesia and the spectacular underwater visuals will take you into a different world altogether. It is unfair not to mention about the plant and marine life because they will unleash your imagination at its best. Take a look at the top 5 scuba diving destinations in this unique country:

1) Sumbawa and Flores Islands

Sumbawa and Flores Islands make diving in Indonesia truly memorable in many ways. This destination offers perfect sights of different aquatic animals and fish species and, the sheltered havens of this area offer crystal clear waters to present the vibrant colored walls and underwater volcanic vents in an amazing fashion. The animals and fishes grow really fast due to the fertile grounds and congenial conditions and, you can see some of the amazingly different species like ringed octopus, tiger fish, frog fish, butter fly fish and reef sharks when you visit this wonderful destination.

2) Pulau Bintan or Bintan Island, Riau

International travelers find this destination as the most convenient one because it is hardly one hour from Singapore. The white sandy beaches spread around 18 km and you will be able to see a rich marine life as well. This place offers a wide range of diving spots and many people think that it is an ideal place to learn scuba diving because of the presence of a small canyon as deep as eight meters with a flat base. You can also see the location of the shipwreck at this place and the remains of an old tank that sank many years back can also be seen.

3) Bunaken Island 

It is one of Indonesia’s most popular diving areas and it attracts visitors from all around the world. You can come across several mind blowing scuba diving destinations in this island and the banana-shaped Bunaken Island is blessed with stunning biodiversity. You can see some of rare and unique sights when you visit this part of the world and they include wide range of fishes, five species of sea turtle, saltwater crocodiles and resident dugongs as well.

4) Bali Island

Arguably, Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and it is Indonesia’s most popular diving destination as well. You will be able to see stunning and splendid volcanoes, coral ridges, deep drop-offs and steep banks and, this island also features various types of sea grass beds and volcanic outcrops. If you want to enjoy diving in Indonesia at its best, you must visit this place.

5) Lombok islands 

When you visit this attractive diving destination, you can see big pinnacles, hammerhead sharks, untouched coral reefs and other types of marine life species as well. This place also gives you a great opportunity to see a wide range of sea creatures like angel fish, eagle rays, reef sharks, cuttlefish, pipefish and many more.

Indonesia offers unlimited opportunities for all scuba diving lovers including the novice and experienced. The safety standards are really good and you will never have to spend a lot of money to enjoy these wonderful sights as well.

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