Pandawa Beach Bali – Peace in Seclusion

Posted on Jun 11 2014 - 10:41am by Shem MD

Bali comes with endless options when it comes to tourist attractions. One more new mesmerizing site, Pandawa Beach has recently opened to public, with its amazing natural beauty and beautiful landscape that stretches along the blue coast. The tropical surrounding of Bali attracts millions of people every year and allows the tourists to sit back and relax, escape from their busy routines.

Pandawa Beach View

Most people are probably only familiar with Kuta beach, or Seminyak, but Pandawa Beach now offers wider option for you to get peace in seclusion and enjoy your exclusive time alone or with your romantic encounter. Pandawa beach quickly becomes a favorite among local people and visitors due to its relaxing features.

Pandawa Beach and Mahabharata’s characters

Previously, this beach was named Secret Beach before famously known as Pandawa Beach because of its hidden location behind high cliffs. Its exclusive location in the village of Kutuh, South Kuta District, Pandawa beach is actually near from Nusa Dua and Uluwatu areas. The difficult access to this beach makes this hotspot relatively empty, only few people with the waves sound, so that makes Pandawa Beach a perfect gateway for both domestic and international tourists. However, the local authority has finally recognized the potential of this beach, resulted in better access and introduction of this beach as one of mainstay attractions.

Pandawa beach got its name not without reason. As your journey come near to the location, you will be greeted by famous wayang statues; the Panca Pandawa, characters of Mahabarata, namely Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sadewa. There will not much to see during your way to the beach, as your view will be mostly dominated with high cliffs and hills view, until it finally reaches the beach side, outstanding panorama unquestionably unfolds right in front of your eyes. Pure white sand with blue water, light breeze and clear blue sky unite in harmony and hypnotizing anyone who saw.

Well preserved environment of Pandawa Beach

The majestic hills will serve as your private walls. They conceal you from the familiar crowd and usual activity. Pandawa beach still preserves its quiet atmosphere and clean environment. Maybe, that is because there are still few people who visit this place. Taking the road to Pandawa Beach from Ngurah Rai International airport is only 1 hour, with domination of high coastal view along the road. However, the carved statues of Mahabharata’s characters become distinct fascinations for the tourists when you finally enter the area.

Just like any other beaches, there are various activities, which you can do at Pandawa Beach. Water sport is provided for those who love outdoor activities such as canoeing and paragliding. You can ask for local’s assistance when the wind is quite strong, usually started from Timbis Hill near Pandawa Beach and enjoy the beautiful panorama from the height.

Take a swim and get sunburn from the warm sun during the day. If you prefer sitting back and relaxing along the beachside, roll out the mats and simply sit under the trees or umbrella to enjoy fresh coconut water. Other option is you can observe the culture and custom of seaweed farmers along the coast.

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