Must-Do Tourist Activities in Kuta and Seminyak, Bali

Posted on Mar 15 2014 - 3:20pm by Shem MD

Undoubtedly, Bali is the major tourist attraction in Indonesia. This island offers lots of excitements and adventures for budget travelers to executives, with many outdoor or indoor activities to choose. In Bali, the most popular tourist spot is Kuta with its white sandy beach, perfect for surfing. However, there are also other interesting places in Bali to visit. One of them is Seminyak.

Seminyak is more preferable for those who look for more luxurious holiday with the up-market resorts and quiet seaside to enjoy. It is definitely less crowded than the busy Kuta, yet offering the same excitements. Are you ready to explore Bali? Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Kuta and Seminyak during your free time.

Kuta: The Surfing Paradise of Bali

Kuta is a famous, best-know place of tourist resort areas in Bali Island. This place has a great surfing beach, with a long and broad Indian Ocean in front of it, making it achieve its status as surfing paradise. Kuta can be a perfect choice for your one-stop holiday excitement since it offers various tourist activities and accommodations from budget hotels to the luxurious ones. Not only does it serve a perfect beach line for surfing, Kuta is also a great spot to enjoy the sunset. The nightlife of Kuta also becomes one of the major attractions since it offers all-night parties, bars, pubs, and endless shopping facilities.

Are you a surfing enthusiast? Kuta has a long sandy beach with lack of dangerous rocks and corals around it, making it a perfect place to surf. In Kuta, there are even surfing classes and professionals that offer private lessons. If you are not into outdoor activities, you can try spa/massage in Kuta. Since this is the main place for tourist attraction, Kuta has the most competitive price amongst other areas in Bali, with around Rp120.000 for 2 hours of spa. In addition, the endless shopping centers also make Kuta the best place to buy souvenirs or local handicraft.

Luxurious Holiday Experience in Seminyak

While Kuta is more of a party and surf area of Bali, the next town, Seminyak, offers you different types of excitement. This town has more luxurious accommodation types like private Seminyak villas and sophisticated restaurants and bars. The atmosphere is very different from the crowded Kuta, and the beach activity is usually quieter during the day. This place is built for different segments of tourists to offer sophisticated shopping places, with the mix of designer brands and local patterns. Fine restaurants and bars offer you excellent dining with various local and western cuisines to match your taste.

Take your day off to the historical site at Pura Petitenget located near the beach. Seminyak Beach is one of major attractions in this city, with calmer waves, and relaxing atmosphere. Relaxation in Seminyak can be done by looking for spa/massage studios. Seminyak, unlike Kuta, offers higher-end spa facilities, so you can enjoy luxurious and sophisticated relaxing afternoon after spending the day exploring attractive places Kuta has to offer.

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