Where Do The World’s Most Successful People Go On Holiday? [Infographic]

Posted on Sep 23 2016 - 10:05pm by James Brockbank

After working hard all year round and saving every penny possible, there’s nothing better than getting away for a week or two on a summer holiday to relax and recharge.

As summer begins to approach, we start searching for all the usual destinations to find a great deal.

Popular Destinations

There are a number of locations which we all love to return to every year. For example, this UK Business Insider article shows that UK residents love heading back to the likes of Benidorm, Crete and Gran Canaria each summer.

It’s also true that even though we all love to return to the same locations, more of us than ever are able to travel a little further afield.

Destinations like Central and South America, Southeast Asia and even Australia and New Zealand are continuously on the rise as long distance flights have become increasingly affordable.


There are also plenty of us that prefer to enjoy a holiday without heading abroad. ‘Staycations’ as they have become known, are more popular than ever.

This article from the Guardian suggests that up to 2.5 million UK residents chose to enjoy a staycation instead of heading abroad. The most popular locations in the UK include the Lake District and Cornwall.

However, no matter how much money we manage to save each year, it’s fair to say that we all have our limits.

There are always a few locations or certain resorts that we could only dream of booking.

For a select few, the expense of a holiday is no issue at all, meaning they can go just about anywhere they want. Recently Silverdoor.co.uk created the infographic ‘Where Do The World’s Most Successful People Go On Holiday?’.

Taking some of the biggest business names from a range of different industries, this infographic gives us a chance to “see how the other half live”.

Take a look for yourself to see where the likes of Forbes no.1 Billionaire Bill Gates, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and many other people choose to enjoy their summer holiday.

Where Do The World’s Most Successful People Go On Holiday? – An infographic by the team at SilverDoor.co.uk

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