Weirdest Ways Human Have Travelled [Infographic]

Posted on Sep 23 2016 - 10:27pm by Sophie Fitzgerald

Weirdest Ways Human Have Travelled

Travelling around the world nowadays is incredibly easy because of the wide variety of transportation options. We’re completely spoilt for choice when it comes to cruise ships, airplanes, cars, trains, and even some more unusual methods of transportation such as toboggans. They all have their own positives and negatives, but are generally all quite popular amongst people for travelling from A to B. However, here at Exporta Global, we wanted to explore some of the stranger ways you can travel around the world, rather than just your average road trip in the car.

Firstly, we wanted to bring your attention to examples of people who have travelled in crazy ways, many of which we don’t actually recommend you do yourself. Reg Spiers, an Australian man who found himself stranded in London, needed to get back to Australia but didn’t have the budget for it. However, he succeeded in persuading his friend to air freight him back to Perth, which took 63 hours. Then there was Ben Saad from Dorset who decided to walk from Bournemouth to Brighton dragging a massive sofa behind him.

If you would rather not travel via a completely bizarre method, then there are some other options. If you’re travelling in Madeira, it’s tradition for men to run down the hill from Monte to Funchal while pushing tourists in a toboggan. And if you’re slightly short of money but fancy a trip on the sea, why not climb aboard a cargo ship rather than a cruise ship? They’re becoming increasingly popular for tourists and tend to offer accommodation, gyms and sometimes even small swimming pools.

Overall there are many bizarre ways to travel around the world, many of which you may never have known about before. Whether you want to go all out and set yourself a challenge of dragging a sofa, or whether you’d just like to laze by a swimming pool on a cargo ship, there are plenty of options for you.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about which method of transport should next be added to your bucket list.


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