21 Life Hacks Every Business Traveller Needs To Know [Infographic]

Posted on Oct 4 2016 - 2:23am by James Brockbank

An increasing number of us are travelling both within our country and abroad for business engagements.

Business Travel on the Rise

The Business Travel Magazine reported that UK business travellers alone spent over £5.8 billion heading abroad in 2014, a rise of a staggering 30% on previous years. All in all, business travel is increasingly important to a number of UK industries.

Even with the aid of calling and conference apps like Skype, it’s still very important that we meet with business peers, clients and partners to talk face to face to further our success and learn more about our industries.

For anyone who has travelled for a business engagement, the whole experience is very different to jetting off on a relaxing holiday.

There is a great deal more to consider other than organising flights and hotel rooms. The majority of businesses will expect you to do some level of work between destinations, you also might have to prepare for a presentation or do some level of research ahead of a conference.

It’s fair to say that all of this responsibility while travelling can make business trips quite stressful, but they don’t necessarily need to be.


There are lots of ways to make even the busiest business trip go as smoothly as possible. There are plenty in this handy infographic from Central London Apartments.

Titled ’21 life Hacks Every Business Traveller Needs to Know’, this infographic covers all of the necessary areas of a business trip, providing actionable tips to make your journey as easy as possible.

From planning your trip to all of your luggage essentials, from how to stay connected on the move to communicating with the locals, this infographic offers essential tips that even a seasoned business traveller can benefit from.

To make sure you make the most of your next business trip, take a look at the infographic below.

21 Life Hacks Every Business Traveller Needs To Know

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