Top Tourist Destinations in Norway for Viking Experiences

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If you love Europe history, you must have heard about the Vikings. Scandinavian lands such as Sweden and Norway are now important centers of Viking history and culture, and the fascination for this strong, resilient group of tribes is even encouraged with many Viking inspired movies, books, arts, fictional characters and musical pieces. Therefore, it is no wonder that many people from around the world are fascinated and interested to visit the actual lands of Viking.

Norway is famous for its Viking history

Every year, Norway becomes a place for Viking history enthusiasts to visit and enjoy Viking experiences. If you love Viking history and plan to visit Norway, make sure you already made itineraries to some of the most important Viking related sites and tourist destinations in Norway.

Most Recommended Places for Norway Viking Experiences
Are you clueless about picking your next destinations in Norway for Viking experiences? Follow these recommendations by Marion Fjelde Larsen, the Lofotr Viking Museum curator and Viking tourism expert:

Yes, Marion suggested visiting her museum as the first recommended destination. This museum is not just a stuffy building with various ancient exhibitions, but actually a large cultural center located near the excavation site of two largest Viking longhouses ever found. Located in Borg in Lofoten Islands, this is also a place where you can learn about Viking history and culture, join Viking role playing and even learn to throw axes as well as using bow and arrow like the true Vikings.

When you arrive in Oslo, Norway’s capital, take some time to visit the famous Viking Ship Museum. The Vikings are famous for their maritime traditions, and you can see various ships, boats, vessels and related relics. Plus, you can also see the best preserved Viking wooden ships from the 8th century.

  • Visit Viking Valley Market in Naeroyfjord

Naeroyfjord is a beautiful fjord that has been listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Lists. In the valley of this fjord, there is a Viking Camp and Viking Market in Gudvangen Village where you can buy handicrafts, garments, or taste Viking food. Do not miss the annual Viking festival on the village’s anniversary. If you are interested, you can also continue your adventure by signing up for fjord cruise.

Nord-Trondelag has Stiklestad National Culture Center, which becomes the venue of Saint Olav Festival every year. During this festival, you can see exhibitions, theater and musical performances, and even something more serious for academicians: Viking history and culture seminars. Also, do not miss the most popular reenactment show of Saint Olav’s chronicle, the most important figure that spread Christianity among the Vikings. The show is held in a large, open air amphitheatre.

Cultural center in these areas contain the history and chronicles of Harald Fairhair, the first Norway king that set up his first throne after The Battle of Hafrsfjord (872 AD) in Avaldsnes. Also, there is annual Viking festival with colorful exhibitions, art performances, markets and historical reenactments.

For annual Viking festivals held in several venues, make sure you update the schedules every year from various Norway travel websites and information sources.

Reference: 100 Best Things To Do In Norway

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