August 2014, Surabaya City Will Host Asian Fashion Week

Posted on Jul 22 2014 - 11:15am by Shem MD

Surabaya city in East Java, Indonesia will host Asian Fashion Week 2014 following a reschedule after Mongolia declared that they would not be able to host the show as previously scheduled. This biggest Asian fashion show will host designers from various Asian countries, from Southeast Asia and East Asia to South Asia and Middle East. The four days fashion event will bring many fashion enthusiasts, observers and of course designers from all over Asia to the second largest city in Indonesia.

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia, which is also home for various brands of businesses including fashion houses, as well as having rich cultural background and potential fashion inspirations. It is also connected with various international flights.

Diverse Asian Fashion Shows in Asian fashion Week
Arwin Sharma, the CEO and president of Fashion Week Group, has confirmed last May that the event will be held between 15th and 18th August 2014 in Surabaya. This fashion week event will be a very diverse event, bringing diverse cultures and design arts from various Asian countries that have rich cultural backgrounds. Designers that will participate are not only from Indonesia, but also from Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, India, Vietnam, China, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Philippine, Laos, South Korea, Syria, Taiwan, Nepal, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Timor Leste, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Egypt and many more.

The vast numbers of countries involved promise four days full of amazing exhibitions and fashion shows that will show off colorful cultures involved in the designs. Furthermore, there will be specific fashion shows in the entire event such as World Islamic Fashion Week, Indian Ocean Fashion Week, World Indigenous Fashion Week and Silk Road Fashion Week.

Asian Fashion Week to Promote Asian Culture
Asia is a very diverse continent, which consist of countries with rich and different cultural backgrounds. This year’s Asian Fashion Week is expected to bring out cultural diversity of Asian countries in one event and enlighten representatives from different countries, opening more room for understanding and tolerance related to cultural diversity. In the middle of news about conflicts related to race and nationality, such diverse cultural show is hoped to bring more understanding about different culture.

Also, the show is aimed to promote unique traditional methods and practices in fashion world, as well as preserving them so they will not get drowned amidst modern or mechanized fashion techniques. Plus, the event is hoped to be a major platform for Asian designers, including new or independent designers, to be more recognized internationally as well as more understanding about fair trade principle in fashion world.

Finally, in effort to bring more recognition toward Asian fashion brands, Asian Fashion Week is also aimed to be an event that will showcase various new and old brands of shoes, jewelry, boutiques, haute couture brands, bags and other fashion items, which showcase the unique characteristics of Asian fashion inspired by rich cultural background. Therefore, this event is hoped to be milestone for Asian designers to create globally recognized Asian based fashion brands, which can compete with European or American brands.

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