Bintan 2014 MetaMan Triathlon Event to be Held in August

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Another international sport event will be held in Indonesia; this time, it is MetaMan Triathlon, which will be held in Bintan, Riau Archipelago, on 23rd to 25th August 2014. Like other similar sport events such as Bintan Triathlon and Tour de Singkarak, this is a unique annual sport event that deftly combines sport and tourism, and definitely will attract contestants, spectators and tourists from around the world. Of course, this event will also boast Bintan as one of global tourist destinations, especially since the contestants and spectators come from all Indonesian provinces and many countries.

Bintan Triathlon

Bintan 2014 MetaMan Triathlon Event to be Held in August

The triathlon will consist of three separate events; Full Iron Distance, Half Iron Distance and Blitz, which is the shortest course. While all the competitions will be started with swimming at the South China Sea, the cycling and running will be held on beautiful courses that showcase the beauty of nature in Bintan, such as forest and sea.

Swimming at Bintan 2014 MetaMan Triathlon
The competition will be started with swimming at South China Sea, with route that goes from East to West based on the wind and current condition. The Full Iron will swim in 2.8 kilometers of distance, while the Half Iron swims in 1.9 kilometer and Blitz in 1.2 kilometer. Contestants that swim for the Full Iron distance will start from Nirwana Gardens Bay, while contestants that swim for shorter races will start at the second loop.

South China Sea is chosen because of the clear water and perfect temperature, which is 29 Celsius degree, and all contestants will compete in fast swimming without wetsuit. The current and wind in August will also help swimmers, especially those in Blitz Category, to finish the race.

Biking and Running at Bintan 2014 Metaman Triathlon
Biking and running numbers are the true treats for all the contestants, because from here, the routes are chosen so every contestant can enjoy the natural beauty of Bintan and Riau Archipelago, including the famous Wakatobi Forest Reservation. For biking, it will be 180 kilometers for Full Distance, 90 kilometers for Half Distance and 55 kilometers for Blitz. As for running, it will be 42.2 kilometers for Full Distance, 21.1 kilometers for Half Distance and 7 kilometers for Blitz.

Bintan’s northwestern area is chosen for the bike route, which consists of tracks in the middle of hills, villages, lakes and beautiful beach. Meanwhile, running course will be in Nirwana Gardens, chosen because of the flat terrain that will make it easier for runners as well as spectators to gather. However, Nirwana Gardens also provides great view for the runners; the course runs through Wakatobi Jungle Track, with beautiful trees and canopies that provide shades for runners when running in the daytime.

After going out of the jungle track, runners will run through beach, flat lanes and paths until finish. The winner will receive US$34,000 of prize and certificate, but the true prize for everyone will be amazing experience to race and compete in the middle of beautiful nature of Bintan in Riau Archipelago.

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