Most Beautiful Cities From Each Continent

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While philosophers may debate whether beauty is objective or relative one thing they all agree on is that there are cities in the world which through sheer elegance help us transcend our ordinary existence and lift up our spirits to an almost divine plane of existence. These six cities are the best representation of this ideal.
6. Casablanca in Morocco, Africa
Few cities in the world can possibly hope to match the radiant beauty and overwhelming sense of history found in the city of Casablanca. As the main economic and cultural center of the North African Kingdom of Morocco, this cultural icon stands as a testament to the sheer will and resolve of a people to protect the sanctity of their heritage and sense of being. Casablanca first shot to global fame in 1942 when a movie with the same name was released with Humphrey Bogart as the main star of the film. Since then tourist have flocked to the North African city to be filled with a sense of awe as they experience the magical feeling of traveling through history as you walk among architectural marvels like the Hassan II Mosque and the Notre Dame Lourdes cathedral. Spanish and Portuguese influence can be felt throughout the city due to cultural exchange resulting from conquest and trade.
5. Gold Coast in Australia, Oceania
For anyone who loves the beach then Gold Coast feels like paradise on earth with elegant white sands and deep blue oceans. Surfers have the time of their lives riding monster waves and afterward relax watching a beautiful sunset while sipping margaritas. A whole host elegant restaurants adorn the city, several open cafes and pubs can make the place a delight for locals and tourist. Photographers often spend their time at the Currumbin wildlife sanctuary where there are cute koala bears, parrots, and exotic owls.
4. Venice in Italy, Europe
Try as it may modern architecture still struggles to match the beauty of classical architectural design and no city on earth embodies the beauty and values of classicism better than the Renaissance marvel of Venice. Venice is constructed on an archipelago of more than 100 islands through which the iconic canals of Venice pass through. Notable sites include Doge`s Palace, Rialto Bridge and the Hall of The Great Council.
3. Quebec in Canada, North America
Quebec which means where the river narrows is the second largest city in Canada featuring some of the oldest streets and buildings in North America. The Parc de La Chute-Montmorency offers one of the most scenic waterfalls in the world surrounded by the most breathtaking natural environment imaginable. Local artisans make handcrafted ornaments and commodities that come from the ancient wisdom passed on through the generations that have lived in the area for centuries. The Sainte Anne de Beaupre shrine is a divine center where pilgrims came to worship and remain as an iconic testament of the devout faith of the locals.
2. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, South America
Perhaps one of the most iconic sites in the world is the statue of Christ the Redeemer atop a hill overlooking Rio De Janeiro. The Santa Teresa neighborhood is an elegant display of a cultural fusion between 19th century Portuguese and local architecture. Sugarloaf mountain stands at 1300ft above the harbor and is globally respected for the panoramic experience it presents to tourists who wish to see the city in all its spender. Whether its the elegant streets during carnivore celebration or white sandy beaches there can be no doubt that Rio is an iconic fit of human accomplishment.
1. Hong Kong in Asia.
The iconic Hong Kong skyline has been the source of inspiration for many photographers and filmmakers. During the night the light from the forest of skyscrapers can seem to light up the waters of Victoria Harbor and it should be no surprise that there are more skyscrapers in Hong Kong per sq ft, than anywhere else in the world. The chic modern skyscrapers put up during British occupation should not deceive you into thinking that Hong Kong doesn’t have a history. The walled village contains the spirit of the days past and embodied in the architecture of the place. The Ocean Park theme park is known as a local version of Disneyland possessing cultural symbols more relevant to the local people. So whether tourists want to enjoy a walk down history, have some fun in a theme park or even relax at one of the famous Hong Kong massage parlors, one thing to be certain of is that this place will not disappoint.
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