Lists of Most Popular Food Trucks in America in 2014

Posted on May 19 2014 - 1:17pm by Shem MD

Food trucks once considered as cheap food sources that people only chose as the last or quick meal option. Now, hunting for food trucks is one of the most favorite culinary adventures in United States. Food trucks nowadays provide various types of foods even with restaurant quality, but of course with all the practicality and casual feeling of eating from flexible food establishments.

Best Recommendations for US Food Trucks
Interested in eating at America’s best food trucks? Here are the newest lists of mobile food establishment you can find:

  • Roxy’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Located in Boston, Roxy’s Grilled Cheese usually travels around locations such as Cleveland Circle, FT. Point and Dewey Square. Grilled cheese sandwiches are elevated with unique recipes, such as grilled cheese with Portobello mushrooms and tomato, Gouda cheese, pepper ham and pineapples, and grilled cheese with smoked apple wood bacon.

  • Taceaux Loceaux

Located in Texas, this taco truck usually makes its round at Uptown Nola area. The truck is easily recognized because it has unique ‘Dawn of the Dead’ artwork. It serves tacos with unique ingredients such as brisket, taco with salsa picante, spicy chipotle aioli taco, smoked bacon taco and many more.

  • Korilla BBQ

Hunt for this Korean food truck around Soho, Midtown, Flatiron and Dumbo in New York City. The concept is pick-your-own ingredients, where buyers can choose to eat with bowl, wrap, rice, various kimchi condiments, bulgogi and other Korean delights in take-away style.

  • The People’s Pig

If you love eating pork, go to Portland and find The People’s Pig truck around SW10 & Washington. You can get everything from pork brisket to pulled boar, from smoked bacon to even wild boar dish.

  • Easy Slider

Located in Dallas, this food truck sells various sliders with thick patties from Angus cows. The schedules can be checked from their official website. The filling variations are limitless: goat cheese, strawberry jam, bacon, peanut butter, mayonnaise and such.

  • Beaver’s Coffee & Donuts

This food truck sells various delicious donuts and coffee beverages (hot brew, cold coffee beverages, and milkshakes) in Hyde Park, River North and The Loop areas in Chicago.

  • The Fat Shallot

This is a popular sandwich food truck in Chicago that has rounds in similar areas like Beaver’s Coffee& Donuts. The most famous menu is their Pretzel Salami Sandwich…which is a sandwich with pretzels instead of regular bread slices, and filled with salami.

  • Via 313

Located in Austin, Texas, this food truck is famous for selling pies and square pizzas. There are options of various savory pies, such as pepperoni pie and cheese crusted pizza. The truck usually makes rounds on 1111 East 6th and 61 Rainey Street.

  • King of Pops

This truck makes rounds around various locations in Atlanta and can be tracked through its official website. They sell authentic flavored paletas, but the most famous treats are popsicles with various flavors, including seasonal fruits like apple and pear.

  • John Mueller Meat Co.

Located in Austin, this truck is heaven for all meat lovers. The truck sells its goods on 2500 E. 6th Street, and sells sausages, smoked beef, bacon, ribs, smoked beef brisket, chicken and smoked turkey.

What are you waiting for? Make these food trucks your next stops when you travel across the United States.

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