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You may think that Sydney and Melbourne offer all the fun in Australia, but Brisbane is not far behind. The moment the sun sets, Brisbane opens up the doors to its many nightclubs, bars, and restaurants offering various events and activities to their patrons. But the fun doesn’t end there since other establishments like galleries also welcome visitors dazzling them with their exciting programs.

If you are new to nightlife in Brisbane, here are the best spots to have a memorable time and meet this amazing Australian city.

Don’t skip the food in Brisbane

Australia is famous for its fusion cuisine combining tastes from all over the world and diverse offer which will accommodate even the most demanding palate. In Brisbane, you will find your fair share of dining spots that work at all hours even late at night and not only those serving fast-food. Craft beer and live music at the Greaser Bar offer American food on the verge of being homemade like buttermilk fried chicken.

If you like jazz, then Doo-Bop Jazz Bar may be just the place for you to relax with some nice tunes and diverse menu offering chicken wings and mussels with some cashew spring rolls. The Yiros Shop is the popular place in Brisbane for late-night kebab working until the early morning hours. Of course, there are great places to have Asian cuisine like Fat Noodle which serves pho and dim sum until midnight.  

Brisbane nightlife food

Have a relaxing drink at one of the bars

If you are not so much into dancing and partying, then try one of the many bars in Brisbane where you can chill and hang out with your friends. Bars usually open late in the afternoon and close in the early morning hours, so they are ideal to come before or after a nightclub. Lychee Lounge is visually interesting with an oriental design and comfortable chairs considered to serve some of the best drinks in Brisbane.

If you are looking for a hipster hub, then you will feel right at home at The End with vintage furniture and record player. This bar serves house brews and craft beers but also has an impressive collection of rum and 1970s surf videos that will certainly get your attention. Dandy’s Rooftop Bar is a fun place to be late at night since it offers a gorgeous view over the lights of Brisbane’s CBD. As the night progresses, this bar turns into a live DJ concert so come a bit early if you want to enjoy the astounding sunset in peace.

Dance the night away

The nightlife in Brisbane may offer a variety of options, but nothing is more alive and exciting than the nightclub scene. Cloudland is the club on everyone’s list occupying the space in Fortitude Valley which has a waterfall, plant life, and a grass roof. The interior design alone lives people breathless with huge chandeliers, but its pan-Asian food and classy cocktails make it one of the best nightclubs in Brisbane.

On the other hand, The Met is made of three bars with big LED screens and a crowded dance floor the whole night. If you want to feel a little bit of New York, then The Bowery should definitely be on your list with cozy booths and live jazz over the weekends. Those looking for something casual will definitely like Birdees with three bars and dancing by the pool.

Look for organized events

All over Brisbane, nightclubs and bars hire professionals like Velvet Rope Entertainment to organize events. They offer entertainment acts, dancing and prominent names in music. Keep an eye on new clubs on the Brisbane scene. Clubs like Oh Hello go the extra mile to attract patrons. Usually, this means that you will attend some powerful sessions by world-renowned DJs and performers.

Themed events are very common in Brisbane’s nightlife. You will easily find a foam or costume party. However, there are also regular events. For example, Friday’s Riverside taking place every weekend when the venue turns into a club. It becomes an awesome place with food, cocktails and a dance floor.

Check out the music festivals in Brisbane

Since Brisbane has great weather, it’s a perfect place to organize festivals throughout the year and nothing attracts a crowd like music festivals. Featuring famous names from the music industry, these festivals are very popular and highly attended so you need to get your ticket early.

CMC Rocks is the biggest festival in Australia dedicated to international country and roots scene. It’s taking place in March. Jungle Love Festival is at the same time place to dance, listen to music and swim. It’s organized in the Yabba Creek where it is held in the late Australian spring. Of course, if you are into big music festivals, then you should definitely stop by Woodford. It has over 2000 international performers and it’s being held for over 30 years.

Brisbane music festivals

In the end

It’s easy to have a memorable time in the nightlife of Brisbane. It offers a variety of programs, events, and options. From jazz clubs, gourmet cuisine and imaginative cocktails, Brisbane has it all. So make sure you are ready to spend many sleepless nights dancing and having fun.

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