“Allure of The Seas” : The Enchanted Biggest Cruise Ship

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People in the past might find Titanic as the biggest ship at the old time. Beside of the big size and all of its lux, this ship is well-known for its love story in a movie. People still remember it until today. In 2010, it came a new cruise ship, “Allure of the seas”, stating the biggest cruise ship which was noted as the best overall indivudual cruise ship in 2013.

allure of the seas

“Allure of the seas”, as its name represents the enchanting of the ship. It is a ship owned and operated by Royal Caribbean. As it is the biggest cruise ship, the width is almost 4 footbal fields. The ship can carry up to 6,296 passangers and 2,384 cruiseships. There are 2700 rooms in this ship which is the same as 775 rooms in Buckingham Palace. It has 16 passenger decks and it can go to the speed 22.6 knots (41.9km/h; 26.0 mph). It weighs 225,300 tons, or the same with 9,000 tanks.

This cruise ship is said to be the most innovative cruise ship in the world. This comes for a lot of entertainment and facilities offered by her. You will find high class service in its finest quality. To enjoy music, you can have Tony Award-winnning Broadway musical Chicago. This music will lead you to your finest mood and mind. You will forget seeing your watch by enjoying the performance. For you who are starbucks lover, you do not have to worry. “Allure of the seas” is the first cruise ship having Starbucks in. So, daily coffee is settled.


If you bring kids with you in “allure of the seas”, you can take them to enjoy DreamWorks Experience by watching Kungfu Panda, Shrek, etc in 3D movies.

As it comes to dine, there are 25 different choices for you to have. You can choose any meal you want. If you want them all, you can have it by tasting in a small portion one by one. Still, you will be full. The food is vary from Mexican, Brazilian, and Royal Caribbean.

For you who like to be in the water, you can swim or playing in a FlowRider surf simulator. Feel the waves and the adventure. Your kids will love it. But, you need to guard them when you take them in.


The fun does not stop there. After playing with the waves, you can see the aerial acrobats in the Aqua Theater. It must lighten up your day.

Anyway, will you get bored on this luxurious cruise ship? Well, it might happen. But, do not worry! You can refresh your mind by going to the finest restaurant in it. Or maybe you can have a walk and stop at Candy shop.

Allure of the Seas

For you who like to view and print your bill, just go to one spot named guest kiosks. You can also check your schedule and reservations here.

Giving the feeling of comfort with all the entertainment and service given, it is not wrong to call it the best cruise ship to spend your time in a vacation. It can be a choice for you who want to have a family vacation.

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