Wizarding World of Harry Potter in USS Osaka Japan

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Many and many people being a fan of J.K Rowling for her adventure series of Harry Potter. The great imagination of her has lived up the characters with all the environment on it. Having all the books in a movie, people adore the work and feel Harry Potter as alive. They want to be in an adventure in a movie. Since, Universal Studio created a place, alike to the movie, so that many people will feel the adventure. One out of four Universal Studios was built in Osaka Japan.

Harry Potter

What is it look like?
Opened on June 18th 2010, the studio offers dark ride in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It is a themed park taking the environments from J.K. Rowling’s book, Harry Potter. It gives the magical exciting feeling for people to see it. Hogwart castle, the famous building in Harry Potter was built here.

Feeling for living in Hogwart castle will not complete without riding a scenic dark ride. It uses KUKA robocoaster technology. Riding it will take you to flight around Hogwart castle. It will take you spin around and turn to see Quidditch match, Dementors, and Whomping Willow. Do not be afraid of the safety since it is completely safe.

To enter it, you have to queue first and then enter the back door. As in the movie, Hogwart castle is full of fun magical items. You can see it here, like Mirror of Erised, sorting hat and talking portraits. You can also see classes like you see in the movie. For instance, the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, the Griffindor room, and Ravenclaw room. You can also see Dumbledore’s office and some characters in Harry Potter showing tricks.

After seeing the rooms and the classrooms, you can go on to the ride.

Ride in Hogwart Castle

You will be welcomed by Hermione Granger who asks you to say “Observatory”. It is supposed to transport you into your desire location. The ride will take you to Floo Network, Astronomy Tower, and then go to Observatory. Then the ride will take you up to see Quidditch match. Hagrid will appear as you travel under the bridge, asking whether you see the dragon. You will find the thrilling adventure when the dragon pursuits you and when you get down, as if falling out in the bridge floor, the dragon will breathe fire to you. Of course, it is a false fire.

The ride does not stop here. It will take you to Forbidden Forest. Then it goes to the Quidditch pitch. As the rides goes, the thrilling music will come up accompanying the thrilling adventure. When the Dementors come, the ride will take you to Chamber of Secrets through a hole. Dementors will be gone by the spell of “Patronus” from Harry Potter and you can go back to your place.

Are You interested?
For its all excitment, it can be your choice to spend your holiday. Besides, the weather and food in Osaka is great. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, this will be an unforgetable experience for you. For its all excitment, it is a regret to miss. Besides, the weather and food in Osaka is great. But before entering The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you need to choose the seat as the requirement is minimum 120 cm tall. For you who have large size of body, do not need to worry because there is a modified seat for larger size. So, are you ready entering the world of magic in Osaka Japan?

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