A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To The World’s Most Terrifying Roller Coasters [Infographic]

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A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To The World’s Most Terrifying Roller Coasters

There are certain physical and psychological thrills which we have enjoyed for centuries and continue to do so today.

One classic example is the zoo. London Zoo in Regent’s Park is thought to be the first modern zoo and opened its doors to the public back in 1826.

Ever since then, we have enjoyed the experience of being a panel of glass away from some of nature’s most fascinating creatures.

Amusement Parks

Another good example is the amusement park, which is still a popular day out for children and adults alike.

The first amusement parks began in the late 19th century, offering many things we would still recognise today.

From competition stalls to optical illusions, sugary treats to roller coasters which are perhaps the main feature, we still enjoy them all today.

Roller Coasters

One of the first roller coasters ever built was the Switchback Railway at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

While it doesn’t exactly sound thrilling to us, its top speed of six mph made it a hugely popular attraction at the time.

Roller coasters quickly became a global sensation and their success hasn’t taken its foot off the accelerator since.

This is, of course, despite the emergence of increasingly brilliant home entertainment system such as VR technology.

Regardless of what you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, seemingly there’s still an appetite for the physical thrill of a rollercoaster.

Part of this is down to the variety available to us in the many parks around the world.

We’ve come a long way since the humble wooden railway. Now we have the extremes of vertical drops, +100 mph speeds and even break-away tracks!


There are roller coasters being unveiled every couple of years which are breaking the boundaries of what we previously thought was possible.

Travel site globehunters.com has created a great infographic which offers up some of the most outstanding and truly spine-tingling rides on the planet.

It’s called ‘A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To The World’s Most Terrifying Roller Coasters’ and you can check it out at the bottom of this post.

This great infographic pulls together all of the top roller coasters in the world, from those with the highest speeds to those with dizzying heights.

One of the most impressive coasters in the list is the Formula Rossa which is situated in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.

To celebrate the engineering brilliance of the famous car manufacturer, this roller coaster reaches staggering speeds of 149 mph.

Riders of the Formula Rossa will go from 0-149 mph in just 5 seconds while experiencing highs of 4.8Gs.

As well as the fastest coaster in the world, this list also presents the tallest. Kingda Ka in the US is a dizzying 456 ft tall and is only the second strata roller coaster in the world.

It also reaches an eye-watering 128 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Regardless of how much of a roller enthusiast you are, this ride will certainly get the butterflies in your stomach fluttering.

If you fancy testing your metal, take a look at the list below and plan your world trip of the most terrifying roller coasters.

Roller Coasters

A Thrill Seeker’s Guide To The World’s Most Terrifying Roller Coasters – An infographic by the team at Globehunters.com

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