Best Cities to See Magic Performances

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Magic performance is now more than just grabbing bunny out of hat or split people into two. Now, magic is a high form of art, with many performers competing to create the most sophisticated and almost impossible tricks to do. There are so many famous magic cities in the world where top modern performers get permanent spots to do regular shows. So, if you visit one of these cities, do not forget to visit the magic shows. Here are top cities in the world to watch magic performances, along with their famous performers.

New York

A city of fashion, business and entertainment, New York boasts magic performance for both high end and regular viewers. Steve Cohen has permanent schedule her in Waldorf Towers, with his famous private performance called Chamber Magic. It is called ‘chamber’ because the show is super private, with small stage and 20 to 50 viewers capacity. Therefore, it creates such an intimate atmosphere. This is a high-end performance with luxurious setting. For regular viewers, a group called Monday Night Magic showcases both classic and modern acts on stage.

steve cohen

Las Vegas

As a center of entertainment and gambling, Las Vegas boasts one of the best magic performance centers in the world. Both legendary and modern magicians flock in this one of the best famous magic cities, and some of them even get permanent spots. The ‘Mindfreak’ magician Criss Angel brings his peculiar and eye-catching performances to Luxor Hotel combined with attractive performance of Cirque du Soleil.


Meanwhile, magician slash comedians such as Nathan Burton and Penn & Teller also have regular spots in Vegas, bringing laughter and awe into the stages. Nathan Burton Comedy Magic is a family friendly show at Flamingo Las Vegas Showroom, and Penn & Teller has permanent spot at Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino.


The city of Disneyland also boasts magic performance with a touch of fantasy. Outta Control Magic performance and Tony Brent often perform together at Wonder Works, and they present such funny, whimsical and breathtaking tricks that make adults and kids awed. The tickets are quite cheap because they already include unlimited purchase for pizza, pop corn, soda, beer and wine at Wonder Works.



The wildlife magician and illusionist Kirby Van Burch turned Branson, Missouri into his permanent home after spending years doing world tour. He is known here as the Prince of Magic, and his illusions often include spectacular objects such as tigers, lions and other wild animals that become his signature.

Kirby Van Burch


This metropolitan desert city slowly grows to become one of the best famous magic cities in the world, with many magicians invited to perform at various luxury venues. Dubai also has its own generation of modern magicians, and one of them is Sumeet Spell. This young magician started his debut in 2000, and has been invited to do various performances in Dubai and other Middle Eastern countries.

dubai magician

So, if you love magic, do not wait. Order your ticket, fly, and grab a seat at one of these famous magic cities and let the tricks blow your mind away.

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