Lampung Krakatau Festival Will be Held in August 2014

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Mount Krakatau in Indonesia may emit scary images of mighty eruption, but every year, diverse and lively cultural festival is held around the area. Krakatau Festival has been held since 1991, in the spirit of reminiscence about how powerful Krakatau is and how generous it is; thanks to its presence, the soil around the mountain area becomes very fertile and the areas around it have grown ever since. Therefore, Krakatau is an important mount in cultural, economy and social sense.

This year, Krakatau Festival will be held from 24th to 31st August in Lampung Province, and will include various cultural and art performances as well as sport events.

Lampung Krakatau Festival Will be Held in August 2014

Events in Krakatau Festival 2014

Krakatau Festival events will be held in different areas, and each day will provide different delights and spectacles for the crowds and tourists. Here are the schedules of the entire festival:

  • Opening ceremony on August 24th. The ceremony will be held in Bandar Lampung, which is the capital city of Lampung province. Held in Enggal Field, the ceremony will consist of mass aerobic, kites and gasing (spinning top) competitions, indie movie festival, triathlon, modern dance competition and Lampung souvenir making competition.
  • Fine art exhibition from 24th to 28th August. The fine art exhibition will be held at Enggal Art Market, which features artists from entire Lampung area.
  • Poetry reading from 25th to 26th August at Enggal Art Market.
  • Bike tour in Bakauheni Lampung from 27th to 28th August. This is a non competitive bike tour with route around Siger Tower and beautiful Rimau Balak Island.
  • Krakatau Festival Expo, held from 29th to 31st August. Located in Kaliandra, South Lampung, the expo will showcase culinary, art, and culture exhibitions, with participants from government representatives, state owned and private companies, schools, communities, organizations, individual artists and many more.
  • Krakatau Fun Dive from 29th to 31st August. This is a mass diving and snorkeling event with participants from all over Lampung as well as tourists.
  • Krakatau Tour, which is the highlight of the event, which invites everyone from ambassadors and guests to general public and tourists to explore the mighty Krakatau and Anak Krakatau, which is the newly emerging, smaller, yet powerful mount that appeared after the great eruption of Krakatau in the 19th century.

Finally, on the last day, the entire event will be closed with gala dinner and traditional music as well as dance performances. The official event closure will be held on August 31st with The Legend and Glories of Lampung Parade, which is a parade that showcases rich history and cultural background of Lampung.

The Importance of Krakatau Festival
Krakatau Festival is held as reminder of the great Krakatau eruption on 26th and 27th August 1883, which was destructive but also important in shaping the current state of Lampung’s culture, history, agriculture and social life. In the end, the festival aims to remind people that Krakatau is a powerful force of nature, but it also helps shaping the social life, history and culture of people around it.

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